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A Non-freshie's First Pre-enlistment Experience


This is the first schedule I have prepared. Are you confused, why did I allow myself to have almost two days of weekday break? 430 more words


Freshman 15

This is an expression commonly used in the western side of the world. Before proceeding to college, I doubted this saying that a college student will gain fifteen pounds during his first year. 168 more words


Freshie no more </3

Being a freshman student has its privilege, The Freshie Priority.

First, they have blocks. Yes, only the freshmen are able to choose their blocks. The rest of the students are blocless, much like irregular students. 256 more words

AY 14-15. 1st Semester

Attending classes to the full(est)

I’m a student who loves attending to other classes of courses I take but with different time slots. When I was in first year, my blocmates and I always sit in on a Math 17 lec earlier than ours since it’s our break. 200 more words

AY 14-15. 1st Semester

Staying Up Late in the Name of Laundry

Oh yeah. Friday night. Hell, it’s Saturday morning. I meant to write this earlier. Really. I’ve been kinda sideswiped by life. Starting school, sending a kid off to college, that whole lack of sleep thing, which reminds me, the only reason I’m up now (because I’ve already fallen asleep on the couch once) is because I’m in charge of late-night laundering again. 1,377 more words