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On Making Important Decisions

 So this week is the final week of the month- and I usually try to reserve it for book recommendations. However, I felt like this week’s post that I magically did on a whim was important, so. 615 more words

Which type of final would you prefer?

With final exams and summer fast approaching there is always much discussion about who has it worse with exams. Some people complain of tons of papers, while others complain of tests and projects. 8 more words

Our wonderwall*

I’ve typed your name** too many times in the search bar that even when the first letter I enter isn’t your initial, your name always comes first. 292 more words

Finals: How to Deal with Stress.

“A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well!” -Unknown 

I’m feeling that finals stress.

On top of my personal health schedule I also need to deal with studying for finals for next week just like any other college student.  

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We are nearing the end my college friends. Seriously this whole end of semester through it all in your face crap is getting old, quick. Either way this is the time to really reflect on the good because the shit will be hitting the fan and we need those moments to keep us afloat. 234 more words


A creative way to combat racism, stereotypes and generalities. I attended a Northeastern elite university and was one of few minorities….I know how it feels. I wish I had a forum like this: 9 more words

For Zenon

Handed out an in-class essay yesterday and told students to write their name and date at the top.

Student: Do you care about the date? 103 more words