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Reflection of Day 191: July 10, 2014

The last time I came close to pulling an all-nighter was this past spring when studying for finals… now I can’t seem to stay awake past 2am. 98 more words

I Don't Know

Whenever I tell someone I’m graduating in December, usually the question of “So what will you do then?” arises almost immediately thereafter. In fact, it feels almost awkward if that question… 647 more words

Life Ramblings

Wanna-be mommy blogger.

Recently, I had the thrill of researching “mommy blogs” for my internship at the local theater. Reading about the exciting, excruciating and hilarious ups and downs of mommyhood was way more entertaining than updating calendar listings, and I found myself wishing I could be a part of that strange little world. 263 more words


Last Day

Wednesday is the last day of my summer semester classes. I am so happy and relieved to be done with chemistry and psychology. Another bonus is that we’re watching The Soloist for extra credtit points in my psych class after the exam. 8 more words


That One Time You Worked Retail...

I believe every young person at some point in their lives should have the unfortunate experience of working in retail.

Adults say it “builds character”, helps you learn how to “serve others” and teaches you “patience” 516 more words


And So It Begins

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Most of you that know me are probably very confused at the thought of me blogging my feelings to the world, totally not me, huh? 445 more words