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Egos and Flaky People

I’m taking a Physical Education class at my school on Beginning Jazz Dance. For our end-of-the-year project, we were to get into groups and choreograph a 2-minute dance. 791 more words


7 weeks and counting

Yesterday I went home for Easter and it was just such a lovely day. I spent the morning at church followed by an awesome afternoon of food, family, and fun. 151 more words


Choice and Religion

Isn’t that the problem though? You think you have no choice.

Staying up late at night, discussing, of all Easter topics, religion and philosophy, with roommates is a fun past time. 606 more words


A Day in the Life of.

One of my recent projects (Bezawada Buffering) had me visit my higher secondary school, more precisely called as ‘Intermediate College’ at my hometown in India. 374 more words


How To Stay Postive About Your Body This Summer.

Let’s start with a hypothetical scenario, shall we?: You have a full-proof gameplan that will get you a flat tummy and toned thighs between spring break by the end of the semester. 835 more words

365 ways to look at it.

In one year I’ll be sleeping in my dorm room, in a different city, where I’ll be taking classes I haven’t even picked yet, sharing my little home with a person I haven’t met. 139 more words

Australia: an honest comment on our drinking culture

Australia’s drinking culture is something, dear readers, that your author has very much imbibed within. It appears to be, from the outside, a sordid affair, one that has been wrapped within cultural and historical factors that have led to what we have today. 1,396 more words