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This was because one of my friends decided to play Guild Wars 2 with me from I think 11 pm to 4 am… Actually, it was also partially my fault since I lost track of time hehe. 609 more words

Daily Happenings


Hi bloggers!!!

My goal is the write positive things and spend positivity on my blog. Things that I experienced, things that goes on in my life, things I watched etc.. 231 more words

Parents' Weekend!

Hey guys!

This weekend my lovely parents are visiting me and my boyfriend and they’re staying with us (which feels weird) and I’m super excited to be celebrating Easter with them tomorrow. 208 more words


The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

If we can have sliced bacon, why not sliced bread? Thanks to the brilliant idea of Otto Rohwedder, this idea became part of everyday life and now celebrates its 85Th birthday. 309 more words


Rivers and Roads and Mediocre(at best) Ukulele Playing

Senior year is definitely a turbulent season in life. There is a lot of uncertainty. In fact, the only thing that is really certain is that everything will change. 541 more words


#16. I'm a little too foreign

Being a Canadian student in an American school is hard because people don’t actually consider you “foreign,” even though you still technically are. You still have to go through all the same bullshit other foreign students do, including the forms, the Visas, and the rude corrections by Americans about the way you say things. 495 more words



I sleep in your sweatshirt almost every night. It makes me think that you are still here.