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Ada’s U of I Bucket List

By Ada Li

With the fall semester coming to an end, I realized there are many things I still haven’t done on campus to enhance my college experience. 462 more words


dancing brad pitt.

my mind has been SO crowded lately, goddamn….. it’s hella fogged up in there—making my head heavier than it should be. x) i don’t even know what i’m fucking saying anymore—do i sound as stupid as i think i do? 82 more words


Swollen Glands, Sad Eyeballs

Clearly. No one enjoys being sick. I am among these people. Sadly, I have had to spend this glorious Thanksgiving weekend that I have had off from school, sulking in bed with a runny nose and a sore throat! 165 more words


Racks on Racks

So today I took on the dreaded task of organizing my closet. I am not a neat person which makes this chore especially terrible because of the buildup of crap that covers my entire floor. 128 more words


Getting to know her 👩

The first week of college life went like getting used to friends. Miss D then used to sit in first bench then moved to second bench, due to teasing from my first bench classmates. 404 more words


Life is Getting Real

The title basically gives away the topic in all honesty. I guess this change, stress, and difficulties are really hitting me as graduation is approaching. I’ve accepted the fact that I cannot remain in school for the rest of my life-the idea of it is horrible. 439 more words

Tiger Beat Arkansas 21-14, Win SEC East Division

For the second straight season, the Missouri Tigers are headed to the SEC Championship game! The Tigers overcame a 14-3 deficit with a strong fourth quarter to rally to a 21-14 win. 125 more words