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Education in the age of misinformation

When all the information in the world, including mathematical formulae, historical dates and names and philosophical theories, is available at the click of a button, what is the purpose of education? 964 more words

B.C. Education Report

Thank you, University of Richmond!

This week, the University of Richmond gave me the wonderful opportunity to contribute my thoughts on the massive college sexual assault issue and California’s new affirmative consent law in an op-ed titled, “Let’s have the talk–yes, that talk”, for their Collegian newspaper. 359 more words

Affirmative Consent Law

The Grind

Right in the middle of every quarter, every student has to deal with the dreadful midterms. They occur during weeks 3-5 (depending on one’s class) and they are always awful. 72 more words

Let's not get all righteous about Jimbo Fisher and Florida State.

Jimbo Fisher does go too far in defending his meal ticket, Jameis Winston. I agree. Now let’s look at the reality of life.

Character is not just lacking at Florida State. 64 more words

Please, Yik Yak Responsibly

-Andy O’Brien, Assistant Editor

Myspace was launched in August of 2003, effectively changing the internet forever. Dubbed web 2.0, this new iteration of the internet offered a conversation, not just a database. 459 more words

Mississippi College

Feminism < Respect

-Kasey Kurpakus, Contributing Writer

I have always considered myself to be a strong person. I was never the type of girl who needed approval from those around me. 780 more words

The Mississippi Collegian