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Who is Qualified to Teach About Cultural Sensitivity?

Through the process of writing in this blog, I began to think about our responsibility as educators to instill change and to plant the seeds for consideration of a different path and a different means of interacting with and appreciating others. 450 more words

I Was Gang Raped At a UVA Frat 30 Years Ago, and No One Did Anything

We are all left with questions and opinions in the exhausting wake of the now-infamous Rolling Stone article about campus sexual assault, and how victims are treated at the University of Virginia. 35 more words

Christian religious conservatives blame immodest women for “enticing” rapists.

There are so many sex scandals among conservative religious organizations, we’re no longer surprised by any of them.

At some Christian university’s women were invited to confess what they had done to entice the abuser—the wearing of revealing clothing, for example. 18 more words

MIT Early Action: Record Breaking Year

The greatest-ever number of Early Action applicants, 5,684, applied to MIT this fall, with a consequent all-time low percentage of Early Action admits:  10.4%.  17.4% were rejected outright, and 68.5% were deferred. 98 more words

Illinois peeps, check out - Want to Run With Tigers or Roll With Tide? Fans Line Up to Bid

Fans of universities can connect directly with players and teams by winning online auctions for packages billed as “experiences,” some of which sell for thousands of dollars.. 7 more words


Diversity in Higher Education

“Oh my goodness, It’s you!” The student exclaimed, her eyes wide with excitement. After getting lost on her way to another building, the young woman had unknowingly knocked on the door of the building where my new office was located. 332 more words