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Problem with .ID XxStalkerxX - now XmXiXdXiX


Yesterday, something new happened to me in GoW: I had already experienced tile hits, and frontal tile stealing (when another player sends troops on a tile you’ve already reserved and does not reply to your emails), but never what i call “sneaky tile stealing” – “technique” described below. 962 more words



Nothing from NASA as usual, Mars lights up like a nuke, spurious mass of energy and they’re playing dumb. One possible explanation :


Stopping for School Buses

This is a major issue everywhere. More and more people are not stopping for the school buses and letting the children cross safely. Instead, people are not caring and go around them, therefore putting the childrens’ safety at risk. 305 more words

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Make road safety your business

Did you know that one third of all road traffic collisions involve people who drive for work?

Did you also know that a company’s manager is responsible for ensuring that steps have been taken to protect the safety of its employees? 166 more words

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Playing pool with pi

This is a short note based on the paper 

Playing pool with π (the number π from a billiard point of view) by G. Galperin in 2003. 675 more words


Album Review: "Collisions"- Tauk

Tonight, instrumental rock/jazz fusion group Tauk will be playing at Gabe’s. Before you catch them there, be sure to check out their latest release, Collisions… 345 more words

Iowa City

Dark Lady

Sn@tch’s latest fishing outfit, which I was lucky enough to get from my dear sis Lizzy (who has a new fashion blog up and running that you can check out here… 145 more words