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swish: The liquor leached from oak barrels procured from distilleries (usually whiskey). The barrels were purchased ostensibly for making flower pots, but first, the custom was to fill ‘em up with distilled water and let the alcohol leach out. 69 more words


From 8-25-14

I was carrying a loaf of bread when an older female saw me and said happily, “Oh, good! You can use that to make your boyfriend a sandwich!” 24 more words

Let's Hear It for Victorian Slang!

Courtesy of A Small Press Life and Mental Floss, life is much, much bigger than LOL, BFN or even WTF. I’ll be attempting to Do the Bear and trust I’ll not Cop a Mouse. 1,032 more words

What are you on about? And other Excellent Phrases and Words I wish I could use

The following is a small list of English words & phrases that I wish would/could catch on in the States:

(most are probably a mixture of dialect and colloquialisms…which someone of a more linguistic bent could probably distinguish the difference) 316 more words


Ten Catalan expressions you need to know

A look at Catalonia’s most colourful colloquialisms to stop you getting lost in translation next time you roam beyond the Ramblas in Barcelona. Are you baffled by the bar-room chit-chat every time you head off the tourist trail in Catalonia? 108 more words


Proving Up

Prove up: Homesteaders were required to break ten acres of land for three years, build a house and live on their homestead quarter six months of the year to “prove up” their claim. 25 more words


Say what?!?!?!?!

I am from a small town in Kentucky.  I have a FB friend from northern Indiana.  Several months ago, I posted a couple of status updates on FB and used colloquialisms that she had never heard.   559 more words