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Where The Devil Hides (The Devil's Hand)

Where the Devil Hides, known in the US as The Devil’s Hand, has a strong start with a prophecy foreshadowing the arrival of the devil’s hand via 6 girls born on the 6th day of the 6th month. 387 more words


Colm Meaney & Charlotte Nicdao Join Syfy's 'Childhood's End' Miniseries

Hell On Wheels’ star Colm Meaney and Charlotte Nicdao (Please Like Me, Camp, Slap ) have been cast in Syfy’s Childhood’s End, a six-hour miniseries based on Arthur C. 100 more words


#ComedyMonday - Yes, it's Hugh Grant. No, don't go away!

How well do you remember your 1995? Can you tell me the major events of your life right off of the top of your head without even having to think about the year? 254 more words


My Favorite Scenes: Hell on Wheels - Opening Credits

Hello, my friends! It’s good to see you again! Today it is time for the “series” “My Favorite Scenes” to return (I say return every time, but that is how it feels with how long time it goes between all of them). 139 more words