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We're here in Colombo!

(Guest blogger Shekhar)

First day in SL:

Leah and Noah enjoyed the second, much shorter flight from Abu Dhabi into Colombo (4 hours instead of 13.5). 434 more words

Chinaman: The Legend of Pradeep Mathew by Shehan Karunatilaka - a drunken note

I could write a book about Chinaman; but its late and I am a bit drunk. So consider this a shitty first draft.

A post colonial post post modern and well earned insult to colonialism and its barbarities; legacies and loves. 671 more words


Bam! Welcome to Sri Lanka!

It’s winter in Byron Bay at the minute, and so I’d had a lot of time to plan this trip to Sri Lanka. And so, for once, I left home feeling very prepared and organised. 743 more words


The Gallery Café / Colombo /Sri Lanka

So as the very lovely Subash, who had been our incredibly informative Driver, drove us back through the south of Sri Lanka via Galle to Colombo he suggested The Leb and I stop over at a place he knew in Colombo 2 (the neighbourhoods are numbered) that had a good reputation – The Gallery Cafe. 298 more words


Golf: Challenger and European Tour

European tour in Russia e Challenger tour in Francia. vediamo com’è andata…


due italiani al via. Andrea Pavan dopo un mese supera il taglio e conquista la prima top 10 dell’anno. 238 more words


Sri Lanka, so much in so little

From surfer waves to calm crystal clear white beaches. Snorkeling fish’es, corals, sharks and turtles. Beach resorts, seafood and cocktails on the beach. Waves fearlessly caressing your feet by the table. 542 more words


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