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Black fruit

Black fruit hung in the branches that arched the dirt track, hung in the shadow of the sun. Red dust mushroomed from the bare feet of the African children as they tore towards the car, a stampede of wildebeest. 1,079 more words


Welcome Colonel!

The craziest Air Force tradition is not the dollar ride, nor the breaking and separating of the wings, not abiding the no cell phones at the club bar rule, nor the cutting of the ties. 41 more words


3pm – Tour of Quarry Hill *see poster*

6pm – Launch of the Sheffield Pals Centenary Ale by Lord Mayor, Cllr Peter Rippon

7pm – The History of the Sheffield Pals… 16 more words

Lodge Moor

Colonel Danko with RPD-SD Machine China Gun

A few nice prototype machining China images I found:

Colonel Danko with RPD-SD Machine China Gun

Image by enigmabadger
A key NKGB operative, Col. Danko has sworn he will eliminate the enemy agent Viper after their conflict in Leningrad which cost Viper an eye and Danko several of his colleagues. 97 more words

Abandoned on Earth - pt 12

Washington D.C.

Rhel Valentine landed on a nearby rooftop of a forty story building, a block and a half away from the cafe the Lieutenant Colonel Frazier had arranged for their meeting. 1,436 more words


Review: Looking For Alaska - John Green


Miles Halter wishes to escape his boring life, to go and seek the “great perhaps”, to find something new. This is how he convinces his parents to send him to Culver Creek Preparatory School, the same boarding school that his father attended in his youth. 1,230 more words