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The Temple of Human Passions (extensive postscript)

For Dievca
A bedtime story for inquiring minds…

It was the 17th day of December 1865 when Leopold II became king of a small Northwestern European country called Belgium; a fierce king he remained for forty-four years, until the last day of his life which by a strange quirk of fate came to be the 17th day of December 1909. 1,024 more words


An Open Letter to Mr LeRoy Clarke Re: Comments on Homosexuality and Gang Membership in Trinidad and Tobago

According to local media, the vast majority of prostitutes are female. General belief is that conscription is not voluntary.

According to local media the vast majority of gang members are male. 577 more words


Remember when we were called Animal Liberation Ontario – ALO?

Did you know we used to sport the name Animal Liberation Ontario – ALO (along with a wicked logo)?

But now we’re called ELK! So why the name change? 233 more words

Animal Liberation

Pelo Bueno

From the time I could understand

I couldn’t understand why

I didn’t have Pelo Bueno

The hair that was good

Good to wash and go… 95 more words


The Cuban Five are Free After 16 years Wrongful Imprisonment*

The Cuban Five are Free After 16 years Wrongful Imprisonment*

Maybe the U.S. can now lift the embargo that prevents the Cuban medical experts battling with Ebola in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia from getting paid… 805 more words


عن الاستعمار والحاشية

عن الاستعمار والحاشية

ورد في صحيفة السفير عدد اليوم 17 كانون الأول / ديسمبر 2014، في صفحة المحليات، الخبر الآتي:

فرنسا تكرّم نايلة توين

Bilad Al Machrek Al Arabi

What Archaeology can do: Point fingers!

So after the earlier (lengthy) posting about the history of archaeology, readers may have caught up with some of the problems that riddles archaeological reasoning and research. 1,202 more words

Social Science