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Bad Theology Kills: How We Justify Killing Arabs

By Jesse Wheeler

Bad theology kills.

For many, the subject of “theology” invokes the image of old white men with impressive beards and antiquated ideas sitting in ivory seminary towers writing really big books that nobody reads. 1,311 more words

German Die Grünen revert to type and attack Russia over Ukraine.

Takes Sides Against Putin and ‘Fascist’ allies.

After a certain prevarication the German Greens, (die Grünen), have now reverted to type  as one of Europe’s fiercest supporters of NATO and intervention in support of the ‘West’. 290 more words

European Left

Big Brother and the Holding Company

Originally published February 2011

Turning repression into resistance 

The cold winds of political repression have begun to blow a little colder. The widening FBI probe of the anti-war and solidarity movements–launched with coordinated raids in Minneapolis and Chicago in September, 2010–attests to the expanding reach of Washington’s repressive apparatus. 4,583 more words


4/15/14 - The Hijab

I will preface this post by saying that this represents solely my opinion, ascertained from 3 months of observation, asking questions, and accidental encounters. It would be an error for an American to read this as a conclusive ethnographic study of Indonesia and for an Indonesian to interpret this as representing the opinions of America as a whole. 1,520 more words

All Rights Usurped®

You can probably tell that my mind has been all over the place since I’ve been in Senegal. Or maybe you can’t because I’m so good at acting like I know what I’m doing :) In any case, this particular post isn’t entirely based on my experiences here. 992 more words