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Colonizing Everest

The use of “native guides” might seem a peculiarly nineteenth-century mode of exploration. Not so. In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary would never have been the first to climb Everest if he hadn’t in fact been the second — hard on the heels of… 148 more words


History of the World According to the Movies: Part 36 - The American Revolution

Anyone who lives in the United States knows that the American Revolution is a pivotal point in American history, even though it’s not as important anywhere else. 3,620 more words


Outside Disease

We modern humans are strange animal-like creatures with two opposing worlds forced to exist as one.

As a kid and now as an adult, my sister and I “suffer” from what we call the ‘Outside Disease’. 848 more words

The Beauty of Djibouti

Day Five.

The time passes by so quickly, with each day bringing some sort of adventure. It could be simple, like the juice bar at Cafeteria Sana’a not having the ginger juice tasted on the initial visit and trying first mango, then cantaloupe, and also lemon-mint on each subsequent stop. 1,000 more words


Ethics in the Field by Rebeccah Onwong'a

There are few challenges I have encountered while working in the slums that I would like us to discuss. First, it is important to note that slums vary in one way or the other. 220 more words

The Sunshine State Ripping off the Homeless*

The Sunshine State Ripping off the Homeless*

By Scott Keyes

A backpack. Spare clothes. A notebook. Some keepsake photos. Crackers.

Though they may not have a home in which to secure their stuff, homeless people still have possessions like everyone else. 437 more words


Seminar: Photography and Identity in the Victorian Period

Photography and Identity in the Victorian Period

 Monday 12 May 2014, 4.30pm to 6.00pm, Bowland Auditorium, University of York.

Presented by visiting Fulbright Scholar, Professor Jennifer Tucker… 139 more words