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One hundred books to read. #40: Heart of Darkness

It seems Heart of Darkness, marketed as an anti-colonial work, is studied by many twenty-first century students, which perhaps shows how far we have tried to distance ourselves from our colonising ancestors.  560 more words

One Hundred Books To Read

The Wind-Farm Solution to ISIS - Counterpunch

Counterpunch’s Solution to ISIS Genociders.

Crazy guys, crazy politics, Counterpunch, America’s best-loved satirical magazine has a solution to ISIS!

Yes: absolutely!

Just published:  Bombing is Not the Only Alternative What to Do About ISIS by DAVID SWANSON  586 more words


Ha ke na chelete

In the past tourists and missionaries have freely passed out candy and money to Basotho so that everywhere I go I hear, “Ke kopa dicoco!” Or “Ke kopa chelete!” Meaning I request candy or money. 244 more words

Peace Corps

Palestinians support resistance in post-Gaza reality

“The war began with fire on Haifa and ended with fire on Haifa,” Haniyeh said, adding “it is not possible to express this victory with words and speeches”.”The victory is beyond the limits of time and place. 112 more words


Global Governance and Internet Control*

Global Governance and Internet Control*

By, William F. Jsaper 

In a recent essay entitled, “The Strategic Significance of the Internet Commons,” former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff describes cyberspace and the Internet as a “global commons” that must come under “global governance.” This is the latest salvo in an ongoing campaign by a disparate congeries of internationalists, socialists, communists, and jihadists to turn over control of the Internet to some sort of regime under the United Nations. 1,268 more words

Global Governance

Once a Rothschild, always a Rothschild Bankster Replaces Hollande’s Economic Minister*

Once a Rothschild, always a Rothschild Bankster Replaces Hollande’s Economic Minister*

This explains the argument that French parliament – a Trojan horse so the unelected can do the Crown’s bidding… 1,339 more words