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The King's Speech: A False Tale of Normality

The King’s Speech; everyone’s favourite slice of homogeneous film-making about Britain. What do I mean by homogeneous? Well I mean when a film promotes an ideology that presents a nation or culture (BRITAIN!) as a united individual, everyone is in ‘it’ together. 1,023 more words


Still, a Colonial Palestine

From The New Republic, an overview of Israel as colonial power and Palestinians as the colonized.

Colonial regimes breed anti-colonial resistance. It has been happening since Biblical times.

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Negative effects of colonialism for First Nations communities.

Written for an undergrad Sociology course about family in the world perspective – March 25, 2013

How has the history of colonialism influenced the current issue of family violence within First Nations communities in Canada and what can be done to bring values of peace back into their lives? 3,190 more words

Aboriginal Rights

Ukrainian Parliament Said No to the West Getting its Claws on their Gas*

Ukrainian Parliament Said No to the West Getting its Claws on their Gas*

This was probably the missing nail to the IMF coffin that led to IMF pressuring for the unelected Prime Minister Yatsenyuk’s resignation… 484 more words


Burn My Head in Heaven

John Pule. Burn My Head in Heaven. Penguin, 1998. ISBN 13579108643

If for Alistair Campbell the spirit world is potentially a delusion, for John Pule… 968 more words

Pacific Islands Fiction

Tasman Comes South

You victualed your two ships and,
huddled in that vast,
un-bestowed ocean,
went forward creeping,
like a pair of reluctant soldiers
into the enemy’s camp. 183 more words


Gaza: a war for oil? | World War 4 Report

“When gas reserves were discovered in 2000, late Palestinian President Yasser Arafat held a special ceremony for the occasion, which gave Palestinians hope that their homeland would thrive and join other Gulf countries as a major gas exporter. 157 more words