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The student strike kicks off

Students in Hong Kong, as in many other cities, have historically played an important role in social change – the most recent example being a massive 2012… 960 more words


Emma Watson and the White Woman's Burden.

As beautiful and eloquent as her speech was, another privelaged white female talking about “Africa” and being introduced as “having just been to Bangladesh” (…and? What does that even mean? 117 more words


Bob Lambert, Police Spy, Resurfaces to Offer to Advise Government on Islamists.

Bob Lambert Receives  Islamic Human Rights Award (2007).

In the news, for what reason?

Ministers have been urged to enlist the help of several controversial Muslim groups to stem the flow of British jihadists to Iraq and Syria.

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The Roots of 'Prejudice' or: Other people always have a better reason for their behavior than we wish they did

Jeffrey Goldberg ran a bizarre article in the Atlantic this week, where he says the following:

It is a universal and immutable rule that the targets of prejudice are not the cause of prejudice.

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Cultural Meaning

Italy and Albania

Until 1501, the Albanian coast formed the Italian colony of Venetian Albania. A long period of Ottoman domination ensued, but Italian influence was gradually reasserted in the XX century until the formal annexation of the country by fascist Italy in 1939. 84 more words


France, Once A Punchline For DudeBros Everywhere, Is Reasserting Itself As A Military Power

Ever since France declined to join George W. Bush’s “coalition of the willing” back in 2003, the home of European democracy, fine wines, and… 648 more words

U.S. Bombing Iraqi Army*

U.S. Bombing Iraqi Army*

Even though this info comes Hezbollah, it should be born in mind that they have more to lose if it is not the truth, than the U.S. 678 more words