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What is "decolonizing knowledge" - an explanation by Sakej Henderson

This video by the Youtube group Knowing Differently, features the thoughts of indigenous elder Sakej Henderson who is speaking in a panel discussion. The panel is asked the question of why they have chosen to focus on the decolonization of knowledge in spite of many other issues facing indigenous communities. 141 more words

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Review: Namibia - Genocide and the Second Reich

Come to Namibia, “A little Germany under the African sun.” That is the signature slogan for Germanophile visitors to Namibia, a country north-west of South Africa that gained its independence from South Africa on March 21 1990 as part of a wider agreement between South African forces and African nationalist forces seeking to breakaway. 637 more words

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"Hey, Lady! Listen Up! If you dress less provocatively, I won't assault or rape you!"

That is a crock of BS! But as little girls, some of us are trained from early on that if something bad happens to us it’s because we violated some key principles and rules. 637 more words

Utah Police Responsible for More Killings than Criminals*

Utah Police Responsible for More Killings than Criminals*

The U.S. is really has really screwed itself when it can give a San Diego-based rapper Brandon Duncan life imprisonment for his mindless album cover which features a revolver. 1,439 more words


Pentagon’s Bio-terrorism-Labs in the Ukraine*

Pentagon’s Bio-terrorism-Labs in the Ukraine*

By Leonid Savin

Despite international agreements that regulate activities in the field of biological research, on this subject, just as on the subject of chemical weapons, … 904 more words