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WWTTD: What would Thuy Trang Do?

For those 90’s babies who grew up with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (and us bastard children of the 80’s who watched it too), it probably didn’t miss some of you that the black ranger was, well, … 245 more words


Playing with Iran to Alienate Russia and Destabilize Iran*

Playing with Iran to Alienate Russia and Destabilize Iran*

It is well overdue for the big bully of the world to realize that the world is not a big playground in which it can play one off against the other and still get what it wants to the detriment of everybody else. 2,028 more words


Erythraean Sea

Late September, 187-

My heart, my Josephine

Just as I’d prayed, we were able to find passage from Suez, one of the last dhows of the season, recently arrived from Aqaba, and only in port for that tide! 855 more words

Mauve Prose

Blog Post 2: Terra

Whereas other forms of European Colonialism are concerned with establishing a presence, Settler Colonialism is concerned with establishing permanence. The response of those being colonized is determined by the demand, relative to the type of colonialism. 170 more words

The Sacrificial Altar of Colonialism

Many people become perplexed every time the federal or provincial governments assume an antagonist position in regards to indigenous peoples. This cognitive dissonance can usually be attributed to the fact that we indigenous people are commonly thought to be Canadian citizens who must naturally have rights and responsibilities commensurate with that of non-indigenous citizens. 541 more words


The Traveler's Privilege

Growing up, travel was something which was all but taken for granted. Early on, we generally just tagged along on my dad’s business trips to San José, but we also made trips to New Mexico or Western Canada or Tijuana. 1,268 more words

More Humanitarian Aid, and More Bombs for the Ukraine*

More Humanitarian Aid, and More Bombs for the Ukraine*

What the unelected Ukrainian government expect to achieve by offering greater autonomy to a declared independent sovereignty i.e. 433 more words