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The Fiefdoms of Man and the Coming of the Goblin King

Long ago and far away there existed the Fiefdoms of Man, which spent their existence as most fiefdoms do, i.e. in a state of constant warfare, poverty, and ignorance. 426 more words


Kapene Kuki

From the shore that was still theirs
they saw it one morning,
called it a floating island,
a colossal bird.

The men took their oars… 245 more words


Israel Using U.S. Weapons to Kill in Gaza | Accuracy.Org

“Official U.S. military aid to Israel stands at about $3 billion per year due to a 10-year, $30 billion military aid package originally signed by former President George W. 160 more words


U.S. is Buying Disputed Iraqi Kurdish Crude Oil*

U.S. is Buying Disputed Iraqi Kurdish Crude Oil*

Divide and rule is an old colonial tool that spreads chaos within a country so that the population is distracted by fighting each other leaving the invading force free to do as it pleases. 780 more words


"The Palestinian revolutionary model must be 1791 Haiti, not 1789 France"

An endless stream of articles have been produced since Israel began its assault on the Gaza Strip – offering an array of viewpoints and political spins – but… 297 more words


Imperial Resonances: The Cultural Products of Empire

Historically speaking, the relationship between Britain and India (in its pre-Partition form) has been primarily understood in political, economic and religious terms. Trade, power, proselytisation and education are words that intertwine and ring fervently to shape our understanding of the Anglo-Indian relationship during the age of the British Empire. 902 more words


29 July 2014. Hirschfeld's Queer Soldiers, Colonialism and World War I

The commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I have turned fresh attention to this devastating event, which is commonly understood as one of the defining moments of the twentieth-century. 637 more words