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Should health warnings become compulsory in books like the Bible and Koran?

Because of serious risk, cigarette packages have to bear warnings regarding the potential dangers of smoking, and liquor advertising is similarly regulated.

Surely it is becoming time that religious writings which appear to make it OK to go discriminating against or killing or maiming people, just because some misguided twits have written it into a so-called ‘holy’ book such the Bible or the Koran, should have similar warnings? 307 more words


Really Awful Editnig Woes

It is a most distresing thing,
 However many times.
  That I will go through editnig,
I still uncover crimes
 By punctuation grammar; too;
 Or simply of a the word… 117 more words


A Birthday Celebration

Today would have been the 53rd birthday of Trevor, but he was not to see it.  Not on this plane, anyhow.

Younger Daughter and the kids went to a church service early (I hope the roof is stable and won’t collapse from the shock) and then we decided to go on the sort of excursion Trevor would have approved of had he still been with us.  136 more words


Daily Post Photo Challenge: Containers: A Moving Still Life

To take our minds off the tragedy which has so recently occurred, we have something which will keep us busy indeed.  Here is what is no doubt typical of the preparation for translocating decades of  43 more words


Ho-hum, another ordinary midwinter day …

… spent barefoot in shorts and a teeshirt …

We were due to visit Sister-in-Law for lunch, but after doing a dive onto concrete over the edge of the stairway to their second floor from halfway up, she didn’t feel like having us. 217 more words


Weekend Photo Challenge: Relic: All Steamed Up

For the Weekend Photo Challenge comes this relic of a bygone age, but still doing its thing during the annual Aloe Festival.

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Really Awful Unfinished Movement



There’s something strange about my bowel,
Which hardly could be worse –
It sends out messages which prowl
The outside universe. 

 Just let me satisfy the urge… 175 more words