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Flying Insect Really Awful Nonsense Rhyme

And for some rhyme but no real reason:

 You’re going fly-fishing and hoping for trout –
But how to select a good fly you’re in doubt? 111 more words


Sweeny Todd – the Rave Continues

Those of you who ever had minds … that is to say, those of you who had minds you could cast back as far, may remember this: 219 more words


Rave Review Alert on an Outstanding Sweeny Todd.

We have just returned from a performance of the Durban production of the musical Sweeny Todd.  I will need some time to form up and drill a platoon of suitable superlatives before I write the review proper, but let it be mentioned that the ovation was more a case of everyone instantly leaping to their feet and yelling rather than merely standing up and applauding. 41 more words


Shaken Really Awfully but Not Stirred.

So a lot of South Africans got a bit of a wiggle on yesterday with our 5,3 earthquake centred near Orkney.  The only one in our family who noticed anything here in Durban was Younger Daughter at work who remarked that her coffee was swilling back and forth and her desk was shaking.  200 more words


A Teribil Vowel-lent Spel

    Just a warning to anyone foolish enough to visit us at lunchtime in a house we are going to be moving into – you could find yourself doing something like this! 257 more words


Aaaaaaaargh! Who swiped my views overnight?

I woke up to find that the local representatives of Burglars, Pilferers Inc had excelled themselves last night.  Flinging wide the bedroom curtains, I couldn’t help noticing that the beach and sea had gone missing. 62 more words