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Really Awful Occupations - Part 2

Although it may be certain that your fitters and your turners
Are frequently not fit to turn out greatest of the earners,
There’s something in their turning fits puts ladies in a tizz – 363 more words


Really Awful Occupations – Part 1

Grave-diggers and crop farming types are very down-to-earth,
And valuators tend to be your gentlemen of worth;
Your tightrope-walkers need to be well-balanced sort of chaps, 330 more words


Really awfully tyred out!

When one gets new sets of tyres,
Optimism it inspires
That they may provide support
For some years, as well they ought. 

It can therefore drive one mad… 431 more words


Making Haste Really Awfully Slowly.

Hurry up and wait;
It seems to be your fate
That even though you’re running late -
You hurry up and wait.

Hurry up and wait; 218 more words


Four Smiles an Hour is a Good Wal… Working Pace.

A smile is an amazing thing,
  for, when you’re sad and blue,

You won’t believe what wearing one
  accomplishes for you;

Most people grow more cheery when… 133 more words


Should health warnings become compulsory in books like the Bible and Koran?

Because of serious risk, cigarette packages have to bear warnings regarding the potential dangers of smoking, and liquor advertising is similarly regulated.

Surely it is becoming time that religious writings which appear to make it OK to go discriminating against or killing or maiming people, just because some misguided twits have written it into a so-called ‘holy’ book such the Bible or the Koran, should have similar warnings? 307 more words