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The Mighty Colon: A Tale of Trauma

I told my doctor that I was having some belly pain, which I thought was probably just constipation.

Fun fact: When you quit smoking, it takes at least a year for your metabolism to get back to normal.

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Quit Smoking

My colonoscopy fun! and results...

So I’ve just had a colonoscopy (camera going up your rectum and beyond!). The procedure itself was fine – I was sedated but not heavily. Enough to tell my anaesthetist during my procedure that it’s funny receiving some of the same sensations during sex but also now in all parts of my stomach. 295 more words


Thanks For: The Colonoscopy Diet - Who's Up for Round 2?

Dear Father Who Tried to Get A Colonoscopy he wasn’t scheduled for,

Just when you think that invasive medical tests couldn’t get more hilarious, they come roaring back with a vengeance. 302 more words


When will it end?!

Monday I finally had the colonoscopy and it went good I guess. The prep was AWFUL! Dr noticed when they went by my uterus during the procedure is when I had the most intense pain. 221 more words


An Update to my BOMBSHELLS

Good news! My oldest offspring is not pregnant. As much as I will one day welcome being a grandmother, I am so glad it’s not now. 105 more words


Thanks For: My Mother Put the Whole Family on a Colonoscopy Diet

I wish I was kidding; I’m not getting a colonoscopy for another thirty years but I’ve been eating like I get one this morning. Basically when The Father has to get a colonoscopy, we all have to eat colourless food for 3 days. 322 more words


You wake up from surgery wearing only pink panties -- and you're a guy -- WTF?

A Delaware man’s lawsuit alleges he awoke from anesthesia after a colonoscopy procedure to find he had been dressed in a pair of pink panties.

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