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Colorectal Cancer Disparities in USA: "We Should Be Embarrassed"

What You Need to Know: Lack of education, regardless of race or ethnicity, is the most important factor linked to disparities in mortality rates from colorectal cancer in the United States. 580 more words

Colorectal Cancer

No Such Thing as TMI

It wasn’t what I thought. It wasn’t splatter from the drinking fountain. It was perspiration that splashed off my own body onto my eyeglasses as I ran on the treadmill. 313 more words


Hypocrite I am

I am such a hypocrite.

On Friday at my Kiddo’s riding lesson she fell off her horse.  It was the first time it had happened to her.  266 more words

The Path

A Word to Men

Now, I know this is not an easy subject to discuss. It is even harder to have to endure the examination. Yet this is not a thing that can any longer be ignored nor should it be. 907 more words


Giddy Up Horsey

So I have fallen off the horse of optimism.  Yesterday saw me running the other way.

Yesterday I met with my GI doctor.  She is this sweet, happy lady that is about my age.  344 more words

The Path

Colonoscopy Prep

Colon hydrotherapy has gained popularity in the last decade as a way to detoxify and cleanse the colon by removing impacted fecal matter. But hydrotherapy can do more than just cleanse the colon. 405 more words

Colon Health

Secret Graham Cracker Club

It’s not easy to join the Secret Graham Cracker Club. I was just given the directions to join in the past week and I thought I would pass it on to all of you. 456 more words