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Middle of the night…I’m awake and not too thrilled about it.

What my readers may or may not know is that my dad died of cancer.   540 more words


Liberals Won? Pt. 4: ‘Hey Democrats, I Can Still See You Behind Your Label Switching’

This is from Alfonzo Rachel.

Zo wraps up his examination of a liberal meme that is as close as Zo wants to get to a colonoscopy (considering how full of crap this meme is). 69 more words

Remember the date when you eat your beets

Maybe that date will be on Easter Sunday if you have a traditional Polish Easter, or maybe it’s tonight, when I had a Panera Bread “Winter Power” salad. 59 more words

Reference Info

Getting Ready For My Colonoscopy

This Thursday morning I go in for a colonoscopy. It’s been a little over three years since my last one, which was done to find out why I was bleeding from my butt.  288 more words


A Little Inconvenience Could Save Your Life

April is Cancer Awareness Month, so perhaps it’s fitting that it’s the month I learned whether or not I have cancer. But I shouldn’t have had to wait four months to find out. 1,449 more words


The Dreaded Digestive Tract Procedures

Thursday, I had the notorious endoscopy and colonoscopy combo.  Some people complain about the prep that you have to drink.  That part was easy.  It was going without my medication that morning which made life difficult. 245 more words

The Medicine

High Risk Case

I was going to talk about my workload and how it has changed over the past couple of years but last week I had my 6 monthly check up with my surgeon. 409 more words

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month