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Color Problem Solved (Unidentified Fly)

I took Victor‘s advice and went with a “less (color management) is more” approach, by turning off the color management mode in GIMP. (For GIMP 2.8 in OS X, go to the menu… 123 more words


Keep Your Color Correct

If you’re new to editing your street photography, or any photography for that matter, it may not always be obvious when one of your photos needs a color adjustment.

Maya 2015 Extension 1 New Features

Maya 2015 Extension 1 New Feature Video: Productivity Enhancements

A quick demonstration of some of the new productivity enhancements that are included in the Extension 1 release for Maya 2015. 81 more words

Tak Berkategori

Comparing applications for ICC profile creation.

This time I want to test the three applications what is used for profile creation. The first one is Xrite I1Profiler, second is the… 542 more words

Color Management

Unidentified Color Management Problem

When I found this insect it was hanging upside down as you see it in the photo, resting perfectly still. It was so still, and on top of that, so weird looking, that I thought it was dead. 642 more words


Testing basICColor Match Patch

I was telling, that I am testing some applications from basICColor. And this time I will tell the results of testing basICColor Match Patch… 485 more words

Color Management

My color management tools

This time I will tell about the tools I use for doing color management. I must start explaining, that for color management, as for most of things, is science side and practical side. 294 more words