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urban running trends

I pontificate on trail trends, self-define as a trail runner, but for quite a while now have spend nearly all my time in mega urban environments. 679 more words

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2014 Color Run Hong Kong!

My first ever color run!  I really don’t know what the purpose and objective of this run is still….let me google it. Ah it’s to promote healthiness, individuality and happiness.   254 more words


New Doo.... ;-)

I got my hair done today.  I had a crazy line of demarcation between blonde and not as blonde with a whole lot of gray sprinkled in.   122 more words

January 2014 Kit Club - by Erika

2014年對我來說已經是一個很好的一年,健康,快樂,進步!我的小女兒也越來越強,我的大兒子喜歡恐龍,我們旅行,我們跑了!我們參加了在香港首次舉行的Color Run,我們享受了很多!隨著新一年的開始,沒有比參加這個更完美了。我會繼續做我最喜歡的相編,並在我的生活模式衰添加了跑步這一項!

Happy New Year everyone!
2014 has been a good year for us, healthy, happy and progress! My young daughter is getting stronger, my older son loves dinosaurs, we travels and we run! 351 more words


Dar uma oportunidade à corrida

Na quarta-feira, passei o dia entregando-me às atividades do quotidiano e esquecendo-me deste projeto. Não sentia nenhum entusiasmo com a possibilidade de participar numa corrida e nem sequer pensava nisso. 382 more words


Hey! So I realized that I have not made any “2015 first post” yet! To all my readers, I would like to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year! 1,047 more words

The Color Run - Manchester

The Color run first came to my attention 2 years ago. My younger sister, who is not the most enthusiastic athlete you will meet, told me she was doing a race that year. 433 more words