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This training season has been a time of complications and having to work around them. Tuesday we had a lot of rain and our outside drain clogged which led to water building up in the stairwell outside our backyard basement door which, yes, led to our basement flooding. 296 more words

A Beautiful Day for a Colorful 5k!

Today my college put on their first Tint Sprint, aka a color run. I had pre-registered about a week or two ago and made it there at about 10:20am to sign-in. 356 more words

Run or Dye 2014... Join the team

I also registered myself to run this fun race. Join me, Erika & Maciek to have some fun.

I think it’s such a great idea how to make running even more fun. 18 more words


Run Far, Run Long.

45 minutes after severely scrubbing layers of pink, orange, blue, green and yellow cornstarch off my skin, I am bringing you my newest blog post! I hope you’re wondering why I had five different colors of cornstarch on my skin (if you’re not, I’m kind of concerned.) But, I just got back from participating in my second… 387 more words


Color Us Amazing

“Family mean no one gets left behind or forgotten.” ~David Ogden Stiers

I took the Fitbit off for a week.  I wanted to let it run all the way out and start all over.   219 more words