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A Sense of Danger by Nicola Kuperus

By focussing his lens on woman’s legs and placing them in precarious and often sinister situations, Nicola Kuperus has managed to create a series of photographs that are not only suggestive of the female form, but also vivid in their storytelling. 58 more words


Master of Shadows by Dragan Todorović

Dragan Todorović is a master of shadows, silhouettes and doorways. He manages to put a lot of mystery and mood into his photos.


Monitor Calibration

Italian version.

La calibrazione del PC portatile.

Piuttosto che calibrare il monitor, alcuni preferirebbero sbattere un dito del piede sull’angolo del letto. Posso capirli. Si tratta di un’operazione delicata, influenzata da molte variabili, che può portare via parecchio tempo anche se eseguita con sonde professionali, molto di più sia se fatta ad “occhiometro” con software di sistema o free. 332 more words


A Major Accomplishment by David Thompson

I’m an ordinary guy that enjoys photography and loves the outdoors. Having lived in the southwest for the majority of my life I came to appreciate the outdoors at an early age. 122 more words


Decay by Matthias Haker

Matthias Haker‘s ‘Decay’ series chooses to focus on the rare beauty of decrepit spaces. The German born photographer is a media computer science student who began taking pictures in 2008. 51 more words


Still Learning by Zhangning

“None of my pictures is HDR. i am a beginner. still learning how to handle camera and know nothing about technical side of shooting pictures. all my pictures are from my trips around my large and diverse country.” Zhangning


A Love/Hate Relationship by Nigel Bennet

As one of the last real hold-outs of head-in-the-sand reactionaries and process-fixated geeks, I have a love/hate relationship with photography, and faced with the pig-headed conservatism of most photographic purists I instinctively run a mile. 42 more words