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Apple of My Pi...

Is it wrong when you crack yourself up? Nah… :) “If you can’t laugh at yourself…”

I so enjoy a good play on words…

Here’s the card I was fortunate to have selected & published in the… 87 more words

Nuestra Amparo XI

Taking a small break from watercolors and did some practice pieces using colored pencils. It’s been a while since I’ve used colored pencils and I just went at it and came up with this random drawing of a fictional female character that I named ‘ 32 more words


A New Toy

Once upon a time there was an USAF weather guy named Aaron. He also made spindles, but these weren’t just any spindles, they were made with love from colored pencils. 64 more words


Pencil and Ink Drawing

This is a drawing of Saint Antonin Noble Val, France in the summer.
It is in the south west of France and it’s a pretty small village that swells in the summer with tourists. 52 more words


WIP: School Binder

Here’s the cover for one of my school binders. It’s not quite done yet, but you can see where it’s going. The empty square space is for the class info.


Progressive Roosevelt Roses

Continuing work on the roses panels.

Building up layers of paint, concentrating on the yellow roses.  The background space needs attention, and I’ll focus on that in my next session. 17 more words


High Browse

Yesterday, while I was home and had nothing to do, I decided to draw. At first, I just wanted to do the face but it felt bare so I added cosmetics surrounding it. 21 more words