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Polygonal Insects

Designed in 3D modeling software using semi-random values, these geometric insect designs are super cool, and show the wonders of polygons. Created by artist known as Chaotic Atmospheres. Via Colossal:


Online Finds: Colorful Calendar for 2015

Time to get a 2015 calendar! Thanks to Miss Tiina, I now have a gorgeous, colorful monthly write-in calendar:

It comes in two versions, North American (the week starts on a Sunday) and European (the week starts on a Monday), and is free for personal use only. 71 more words

Everyday Life

A Walk Through the Outback

Australia is a land of natural wonders, and these remarkable photos from Julie Fletcher show a really beautiful glance of some of the impactful landscapes and creatures. Via BoredPanda:

Online Finds: Free Printable Gift Tags

I enjoy making my own gift tags, but we all have times when it’s just not possible because life. Fortunately, the Amazing Internets!! comes to the rescue. 125 more words


High-Art Treats

Caroline Khoo makes high-end confections for company Nectar & Stone. Based in Melbourne, her edible artwork is delightfully fresh looking. Via FeelDesain:


Smiling Back at You

Look, look, look over there, look up, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a huge beautiful colorful smile starting back at me.  Wow, pretty neat.   157 more words