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Dirty, Rotten, No Good, Lying Piece of Swatch!

Swatches lie. Big time. I only swatch when it is absolutely necessary, and this time it was absolutely necessary. I made a great swatch. A beautiful swatch. 258 more words


the curse of next-project-envy

you know what I mean? when even though a project is consuming you and inspiring you and teaching you new things and keeping that passion burning white-hot, you can’t stop thinking of the next project you’re going to cast on, like you’re jealous of the future-you that gets to knit it? 57 more words


WIP Wednesday

Quick post today

Making excellent progress on the Terraform scarf

Ideal TV knitting!

But I’ve rather stalled on the colourwork sock.

I’m now having doubts about the design and my ability to make a good quality pattern for my own semi-self-imposed deadline. 36 more words


FO Friday: Cariad Cushion

Available in issue 40 of Knit Now magazine.

Well, that came around quickly/it feels like ages since I finished this! Such are joys of designing that you can forget you made something at the height of summer for publication in Autumn! 75 more words


Knit Elephant Quilt Square

Hello! Happy Friday!

And it really is a very happy Friday in this family. My big brother is getting MARRIED today! Cue squeals of delight and excitement! 263 more words


The Never Grow Up Grettir

Yes, what you’re seeing is another Grettir pullover. The fifth one, to be exact (one, two, three and four!) and just to let you know, I’ve already purchased the yarn for a sixth one! 472 more words