There’s no denying that rain boots are an investment piece. I took mine to festivals in Spain and to London’s Bond Street in the rain! 218 more words


Men's Shirt Refashion (part 2 bottom half)

So, here is the companion piece to my last men’s shirt refashion. I hope you recognise the blue linen… yes, it’s the bottom half!  The top half started life as a medium men’s shirt in 100% of the most gorgeous cotton, it was so well made and the white buttons (which I used all of on this make) were beautiful. 321 more words


Blue (and Pink) Monday

Eye-catching. Yes. Bold. Yes again. Aaaaah I love bright colour combinations. Wearing bright colours almost guarantees one stands out in a crowd. And yes, I can deal with standing out with a touch of femininity and intrigue. 249 more words

Winter 2014 Makeup Trends & How To Make Them Wearable

As a professional makeup artist an important part of my job is to to stay up to date with the latest and ever-changing makeup trends. It is also equally as important for me to distinguish between which of these are wearable for the everyday woman and which should be left on the catwalk! 741 more words


Fashionable Spaces: When Fashion and Interior Design Influence Each Other

My passion for interior design started at a young age. From the time I could remember, I expressed myself through the space I inhabited. It was only later on that I realized, this passion also translated to fashion when I noticed that my desire to have my style reflect who I was, was present in both my home and my wardrobe. 541 more words


Men's Shirt Refashion (part 1 - top half)

Let me assure you all I have been sewing lots of thing I just haven’t had a chance to photograph anything, it’s always the hardest part I find. 239 more words