Men's Shirt Refashion (part 1 - top half)

Let me assure you all I have been sewing lots of thing I just haven’t had a chance to photograph anything, it’s always the hardest part I find. 239 more words


My make-up bag

Since I only really started using make-up recently, I always only needed a tiny bag to store all my products in. 261 more words


Neon Barbie OOTD: Colour Blocking How-to ❤

Summer loving and colour popping.

I LOVE colour blocking my outfits – it’s such an easy way to give your outfits that extra pop! Especially if you have a girly style like me, and funky graphics aren’t really up your alley. 307 more words


Colour Me Crazy

Bold strokes, primary hues, vivid neons and pretty pastels, aaaah just colour me crazy! Actually, colour block me crazy! Despite it being rather dreary, overcast weather in Johannesburg today, it is Spring and I embracing it (I mean, I have already worn black this week, so I’ve exhausted my black quota). 64 more words

Yet another in a seemingly endless line of t shirt makes

The Mission: Make the boy a t shirt out of scraps from my t shirt plus some of the small bits from Kitschykoo in order to make things… 532 more words

Totally weird print...

You know the fabric which is just lovely in every possible way, except the print is so weirdly placed that it’s really difficult to work with? 353 more words

Knit Top

Painting....but more Rothko than Picasso!

I eventually finished varnishing the floorboards and decided to move on to the paintwork. I know I should have started at the top and done the floor last but it was just so offensive it had to be done first! 304 more words