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It's not racist 'If' (Not by Rudyard Kipling)

What do you do when you start feeling really lonely? When you’re thousands of miles away from your family and home and there’s no one who seems to or seeks to understand you?  620 more words

What the colour of your tie says about you

When Joshua Blue, a vice principal at the Kennedy School in Hong Kong, hosts an assembly for his students, he wears a light violet-coloured pastel tie to give him an edge. 53 more words


3 Reasons to Embrace Flowers in the Home

Flowers bring an essential quality into the home, providing freshness and colour to brighten up any room. Flowers are the best accessory for interiors this Spring, so bring the flower power into your home and give your spaces a new breath of fresh air! 330 more words


Colours in everyday goods

I don’t know what Morris or Ruskin would have said, but my everyday goods has to be functional and beautiful and colourful as in these Bavarian nice espresso slash that I enjoy having some nice shots from in the mornings before being creative and colourful.



Cruel Entertainment

Cruel Entertainment, 2014

Water Colour

Here it is, all 4 paintings finished, and framed together. I decided to title this series ‘Cruel Entertainment’ because I wanted to create paintings based on the cruel practices in circus’, and even zoos. 129 more words


Marzo/March + Abril/April

Hoy continuamos con el reto de elegir mi mejor foto de cada mes. Aquí os dejo las del mes de Marzo y la de Abril.. 149 more words