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Newly discovered rock art in Wadi Tanuf.

Newly discovered rock art in Wadi Tanuf.

The above image gives some idea of the erosion these images suffer – this has lost a large portion of the rock due to weather damage over many hundreds of years. 56 more words


Doreen Meek - b Gallery - www.meeky.com

Doreen has always drawn and painted. Colour and texture are her main passions and she is attracted to scenery and objects which lend themselves to being painted in bright colours. 100 more words

Flamingo Fun For A Colour Filled Wedding

I think judging by the image above, it’s fair to say that Siofra and Craig’s wedding is going to be seriously fun…and it doesn’t stop with neon pink flamingoes either people – there are all sorts of treats for you to swoon over this morning! 18 more words

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