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Trend alert: Sharpen your Crayons!

I’ve rarely been accused of being a trend setter but I feel I’ve sniffed a whiff of one recently. Back-to-School season, wherein we all crave a new pack o’ pencils, seems the most appropriate time to roll it out to you. 242 more words

Through The Grapevine

Big Kid colouring books.

I was pretty excited to discover the existence of an Anatomy colouring in book. Instantly I ordered one from Amazon and waited impatiently for the royal mail to post it up to the remote Scottish Highlands. 80 more words

Geometric shapes

Hello there blog-trekkers,

This is my regular irregular art post. Here’s a geometric shape that I coloured. If you would like to colour one of your own, just go to geometrycoloringpages.com! 13 more words


Choosing a ferret for you

Now you are serious about getting a furry but don’t know where to start.┬áThe best thing that I can suggest for everyone is when you decide that a ferret is what you want; you have the time, you are dedicated, etc. 379 more words


Digital Comic Colouring - How I Do It, Part One: The Preamble

A few people have asked me of late, “Who are you?! How did you get in here?! It’s 3am! Get out of my house! I’m calling the police! 2,104 more words

Just Cool Shit

You are born with Natural Talents

As Baby develops her personality and her brain, it grows on me that like it or not we all are born with Natural Talents. Identifying these talents are difficult, and developing Baby’s talents is not going to be easy. 88 more words

The Body: Abridged

I drew these diagrams for a summer camp at Science AL!VE. Can you name all of the body parts?

My-Work Mondays