Vintage images of the 'New World': Mulberry Street, Manhattan

It’s important to get the balance right when moving country.

On the one hand, much of our time is taken with organising the mundane and necessary business of planning a move: getting shipment quotes, deciding what to take, booking flights and accommodation and so on. 169 more words


April Fool 1957

There was a mixed response to the BBC’s April Fool joke on Panorama in 1957. Some people were fooled, some found it funny, but some were angry that a serious programme would air something so frivolous. 86 more words


Kate O'Mara

Kate O’Mara, who died at the weekend  (30th March 2014) aged 74, pictured here in a publicity photo in 1971, at which time she was playing the villain in the ill-fated stage version of the British television show, “The Avengers”. 6 more words


John Sherman

Senator John Sherman, pictured between 1861 and 1865. Sherman mainly concerned himself with financial matters throughout his political career, but two finance Acts were particularly significant in the Civil War. 59 more words


The Birth of the Selfies

“Selfies” are a very common phenomenon these days, but the first one was taken in December 1920. Self portraits were nothing new of course, but this kind of pose was. 44 more words


Joe Mercer

Footballer, and later manager, Joe Mercer, while playing for Arsenal, sometime between 1946 and 1955.
He first played for Ellesmere Port Town, in his birthplace, until he was 18, when he joined Everton, where he stayed until the second world war interrupted play, (though he played in 26 wartime international games), joining Arsenal after the war… 6 more words


Winston At The Beach

Winston Churchill relaxing at the beach in 1922. Presumably this was taken in the summer, and he may have been taking a break from campaigning for the General Election in October, in which he lost his seat. 35 more words