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History lesson

Once again I searched for a new food or beverage and I found not only a very nice tasting beer but also an interesting story behind its name. 276 more words

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I feel it in my fingers

Today was all about textures – in fabrics, in nature, in emotions.

Today was formed out of a chain of successful experiments I enjoyed and learned a great deal from. 97 more words

Human Nature

Gratitude for sweet nothings


  1. Warmth of the bed after you got up and the way it calls for you to come back.
  2. The sound of a jar when you try to open it using a knife to let some…
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Human Nature

A fragment of being

Today I got in line,
joined a trade
traded a sense
of nonsense for a greater apparent

I looked for a high
collar in the midst… 96 more words

Human Nature

How to turn gray into color part I

Everybody has one of these days at one point or another, or quite frequently, and that is why I learn to embrace upside down days. 380 more words

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What does your Jewellery (really) say about your personality? #Fashion #Psychology

Fashion accessories are a very important style statement for women. We all are different, and have different choices and styles, that we choose to wear to enhance our looks.

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Hello, gorgeous!

My first, real Christmas tree since 2010. The ‘to do’ list for 2014 is now complete. :)

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