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The Art of Persevering

It has been a while since I last posted, 8 months to be exact.  And in that time I have fallen to my knees, struggled to my feet, only to be forced to the ground again.  723 more words

Barrel Racing

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors -Robert Frost

He grazes on his side, she grazes on her side.

Once in a while, he’ll wander to the fence, call for her, and she’ll wander over. 114 more words

Horse Training

A Colt Named Teddy Bear

“He needs a new name, that’s for sure.” I said to Grandpa Cowboy as he drove the truck and trailer towards home. He laughed, and told me that my colt would name himself. 439 more words

Horse Training

Jennifer MacNeill Photography

I’ve discovered another wonderful photographer thanks to someone on Facebook.  The photographer’s name is Jennifer MacNeill   I love the softness and emotion of this one. I wish MY hand was on the colt’s nose. 55 more words

Amazing Animals

Hawk attacks Sandhill Crane family

A Hawk (Red-tailed Hawk?) attacked the Sandhill Crane family at the Indian River Club but was thwarted by enraged Mockingbirds that mobbed the Hawk into fleeing the area before any harm was done. 114 more words


Independence Day!

Hope everyone is having an awesome 4th of July!

It doesn’t get any more ‘MURICA! F*ck Yeahhh!!!’ than this.


PS. Sorry, we will be back to our regular schedule next week, thanks for your patience!


Accuracy Testing A Rack Grade M4 ,What Can You Expect

When I browse the gun boards on the internet, I still see the claims by bench rest experts about how a carbine has to have the barrel free floated, preferably with a 400 dollar match stainless steel barrel. 679 more words

Scattered Shots