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Getting the wrong end of the stick - Palm Sunday responses

A sermon preached on Palm Sunday 2014…

I expect that, like me, there have been times when you have got completely the wrong end of the stick and misread a situation. 1,069 more words

How Do You Receive Him?

This week’s guest blogger is Remco Brommet
, Director of True Men, a division of True Identity Ministries.

It is a few days before the Passover and crowds from all over Asia Minor have begun to make their way up to Jerusalem for the great celebration. 1,215 more words

Don't Go to the Dark Side: A Parting Message from Bill Phipps

“A not neat knot is a knot not needed,” says Bill as he’s teaching me elementary climbing and anchoring knots. Bill teaches the rock climbing and mountaineering portion of the COLT experience. 3,351 more words


Getting ready to be poor

Well, I’m back. Sorry I’ve been away for so long. Sometimes things get busy and you focus on other stuff. Not that I haven’t been writing; just that I didn’t particularly need to display my thoughts on a blog for all to see for a time. 470 more words

A Colt Named Teddy Bear

“He needs a new name, that’s for sure.” I said to Grandpa Cowboy as he drove the truck and trailer towards home. He laughed, and told me that my colt would name himself. 438 more words


The World Of J-W-"How Great Thou Art"

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, had went onward toward Jerusalem, walking ahead of His disciples. As they had reached the towns of Bethphage and Bethany, which is on the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent two disciples ahead. 409 more words


Time to Crawl Back into the Hole...

Finished.  Well before the deadline.  Now I have some time between this and the canvas for Aidan has a Posse, to do something for myself.  The idea of a singer which appealed to me originally, is not clicking, now.  15 more words