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Where Has 12 Years Gone?

Just twelve short years ago, Dan and I found out we were to have a life changing event. Who would have guessed that the surprise the doctor told us would not only bring us joy but enrich our lives every single day of his life?  491 more words

Lenten Season 2014 - Inspiration 38

I know I used Coltrane as my inspiration #2, but I found these sweet pictures of him during his time as a Cub Scout of America and I couldn’t keep them to myself. 287 more words

Swag: That Moment When....

I have become prey to the latest cultural phenomenon sweeping the nation: using the phrase “That Moment When…” in Facebook status updates, Tweets, and (yes) blog posts. 316 more words

hard times at the hollywood library

a funny(?) chain of events just occurred, check it out: so i was on facebook and this “friend” of mine on there(i’m not sure if i actually know him or not) posted a short film about the art ensemble of chicago shot by some dude for french television in 1970. 1,331 more words

Press release: Ibis team up to protect seaway from ugly port

Two lovely ibis have gone public about their disgust over plans to build a big rotten port in the seaway at the Southport Spit.
Mozart and Coltrane Ibis say they represent all of the beautiful Broadwater water birds, marine animals and plants when they say they don’t want a stupid port for a stupid love boat on the Gold Coast. 255 more words