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Praise Be To The Maker and Molder Of Things- Coltrane's A Love Supreme

Hymnals are meant to be sung ceaselessly throughout the week, with special fervor on Sundays, all the verses included.

What of wordless hymns a half a century old, resonating now as they did then, perhaps tenfold more depending on the source and circumstance? 1,209 more words

John Coltrane Blue Train (under construction)

The basic design was created while listening to Coltrane’s exceptionally fine Blue Train session (Blue Note recording).

It looks like this is going to keep me busy for at least a few weeks (if all goes well) as I intend to really load on the paints and sand/polish the finished piece.


We Do

She told me
I break easy

I begged her
Fade away

We vowed
to be one

yet to fade

© Chagall 2014