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I haven’t written a whole lot recently. But I am not about to let my new year’s resolution die without a fight.

Today, I knew I wanted to write  474 more words


On listening to A love Supreme on a Saturday night.

The Saxophone. I think I would like to play the saxophone.

Have you ever listened to John Coltrane on a quiet Saturday night? The winds blowing gently outside, you are immersed in a warm drowsiness partly because of the wine but also because it’s late. 255 more words



loud sadness,
screaming, crying, tearing at hair, at clothes,
curling into a heap and gasping
loud sadness hurts
but quiet sadness,
a dull sad that doesn’t go away, 9 more words


Narcotic, hypnotic Olé. Meditative, eerie, and sultry; It’s said that this was Coltrane’s ode to the rhythms of Moorish Spain.

This is one of those powerful pieces of music that instantly transforms an ordinary moment in an ordinary day into something magical. 99 more words



One of the ways we keep life sweet is by celebrating Sunday Funday RecRev style; all day we play full-length albums, movies, & shows in-store. We like for people to get a chance to hear an album unfold; to allow a story to be told in a chill place. 52 more words

The Listening Suite - A Jazz Primer

Happy New Year and welcome to the January 2015 Edition of The Listening Suite! For the first podcast of the new year, I wanted to share a special jazz playlist. 156 more words

The Listening Suite