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Replicating The Oprah Magazine

Hello Readers!

My classmates and I were recently assigned to replicate a page in a magazine. Using the program, InDesign, I was able to recreate the graphics, the shapes, the pictures and the outline of the page. 62 more words

Plus-size student fashionista embraces, promotes Fat Acceptance Movement

Natalie Craig is a Columbia College Chicago senior, an impassioned fashion blogger and a confident plus-size woman. She is open about having hips and curves, proudly  1,789 more words


Does social media affect students self-esteem?

Twenty out of 23 Chicago college students believed that social media has caused anxiety or added stress to the average student’s experience in college.

“I think it adds a lot of pressure to be the perfect person because that’s how we can make ourselves look online,” said Shannon Smith, 18, Columbia College Chicago student. 578 more words


Dominick's news...1 year later...

I’ve been bad at blogging but I’ll update everyone here!

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to think about this day, but I was reminded by many former colleagues why October 10, 2013 will hold in everybody’s mind. 483 more words

Congratulations on the...Color Project!

It’s nowhere Easter and no one I know had a baby recently, but I shouldn’t need a reason to use happy colors. My classmates and I were assigned to create a color project that showed movement and knowledge of primary, secondary and tertiary colors. 94 more words


For this assignment, we were instructed to experiment with shape and form in only black and white. I was inspired by one of my favorite designers, the late… 91 more words

Destined for Ebony: Shirley Henderson

Associate Editor for Ebony Magazine, Shirley Henderson, the youngest of nine children from Cabrini Green provides a rundown of what it takes to work at ethnic media publication Ebony Magazine and how she got there. 1,412 more words