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STYA Presents: The Chicago Cypher


The good folks here at SickerThanYourAvg.com proudly present our very first Chicago Cypher, put together by our (and Chicago’s very own) Toyosi Yusuf ( 124 more words

May Your College Memories Last As Long As Your Student Loans

We’re all so eager to get jobs right now. All of us. Probably because we want to get started with our lives but also because we want to figure out how the hell we’re going to pay back all of what we borrowed in student loans. 357 more words

Project Greenlight Returns

I am so excited to announce that Project Greenlight has returned. I am also excited and pleased to announce that New Field Productions will be submitting a film!! 26 more words

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Michael Faraday : The Fantastic Farad

“Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature.” -Michael Faraday

  Michael Faraday was a low class scientist that worked under Humphrey Davy, a chemist, who spoke about electricity. 225 more words

The Outreach Experience of Downtown

On June 27 2014, the ComEd Youth Ambassadors were given instruction to disperse around the downtown Chicago region and pass out fliers containing information about the Smart Grid and Smart Meter. 221 more words

New Expression

A study done in 1974 showed that urban minority students were underrepresented and lacked a place to express themselves. This led a woman named Sister Ann Heintz, a Chicago teacher, to found Youth Communication, a non-profit organization, in 1976. 213 more words

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Creative Writing Department: 1998

The archives has a collection of Oral Histories from 1998 featuring the Creative Writing Department and faculty. Here are some notable excerpts from the interviews. You can read more of each Oral History by clicking on the name of the interviewee. 361 more words

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