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Introduction to Amalia's cooking, hogao

I am back here on Plates of Art and am typing this post. One of the reasons I wanted to get back here and write is because I met an extraordinary chef who intrigued me back to my interest of cooking and health.This chef, her name is Amalia, whom I met at my travel destination of Brazil, astonished and brought warmth to my family during our time there. 191 more words


Pre-Columbian 24k Gold Plated Calima Flying Fish - Golden Jet Pendant

Zoomorphic figure resembling a flying fish from the Calima Culture. Also known as Pre-Columbian Golden Jet Ornament.

Down In Mexico

Saw an amazing Mexican band in Fusion called Los de Abajo. Sent me off on a bit of a Mexican music mission and I’ve uncovered everything from Surf Ska to Gypsy Cumbia. 121 more words


Stuff That Weighs More than Me: Columbian Mammoth

Spent a wonderful afternoon at the Page Museum next to the La Brea Tar Pits.  It was super fun and we were spoiled for choice in terms of stuff that weighs more than me.  95 more words

Columbian Chicken: Mouth-Wateringly Good

You only have to utter the 2 words ‘Columbian Chicken’ in my office and heads will turn, swiftly followed by a watering of mouths – the heddy aroma that fills the floor when somebody brings this back for their lunch is unbelievably appetising.   494 more words