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Late Spring Wildflowers at Crex Meadows

The wildflowers were in full bloom as we drove around Crex Meadows. This was the most wildflowers I’ve seen at one time at Crex. We seemed to have hit it just right. 61 more words


The Carnival is Over

“The Carnival Is Over” – The Seekers

Say goodbye my own true lover
As we sing a lovers song
How it breaks my heart to leave you… 2,891 more words

Human Attributes; Attitudes & Behaviour

"We Are Columbine - Part 2"

I have a lot to catch up on since my time in Denver! I’m 32 days into my trip and I’ve covered nearly 5,000 miles since it all began. 428 more words

3 minutes everyone MUST see. (Columbine WAS A DRILL) - YouTube

3 minutes everyone MUST see. (Columbine WAS A DRILL) – YouTube.

Moveon, OWS, and Soros Need to Be EXPOSED

Ted Nugent is Sandusky’s Lawyer

Government Officials

Flowers #38B

July 13, 2014

Columbines, whose scientific name is Aquilegia, which is derived from the Latin word aquila which translates as eagle, is so named because the spurred shape of the plant’s sepals on many of the sixty to seventy species of the flower resemble an eagle’s talons. 262 more words


How Jesus Broke my Heart.

I’m not an exceptionally emotional person. In fact, my lack of emotion is one of my biggest insecurities. Not a tear fell as I read the final pages of Fault in Our Stars and even after listening to countless women share painful testimonies; somehow, not so much as a sniffle escapes. 672 more words