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Teaching Our Children the Sanctity of Life and that Words Matter

Easter Sunday is without a doubt the most holy of days for Christians worldwide. I’m not a religion writer, nor is this an attempt to convince you to be a believer of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, despite my firm belief. 613 more words

Our Fascination with Disasters

Please understand, I am not making light of the recent disasters. Nor am I minimizing the pain or loss suffered by those left wondering the fate of their loved ones, or those who already know their loved ones are lost. 1,386 more words


Georgia Really?!?!

I support the Second Amendment and believe those who wish to own a gun (legally) for their own purposes (hunting, target practice, etc) should be able to do so. 327 more words

Babies Vs Professionals

Flower for May: Columbine

For May I chose the columbine, my favourite flower that I had always in my garden.

- * – * -

Voor mei heb ik gekozen voor de akelei, een favoriete bloem die nooit in mijn tuin ontbreekt.


Another April National Poetry Month Poem

A few days after the anniversary of Columbine but I found a rough draft of a poem I started then. Here it is all prettied up. 149 more words