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Mental Health: Recovery is Possible

In my latest Washington Post column, I answer questions about how to find help for mental health problems such as: Where can you find a mental health professional? 38 more words

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Agility Talley

Patron Magazine

August 2014

When I think of the great landscape designers who have matched wits with nature, the one who stands out for me is Capability Brown. 1,211 more words


Young Architects

Patron Magazine

June/July, 2014

A house is a “machine for living,” as Corbusier famously said. To that the sculptor Carl Andre added, “Art is about seizing and holding space.” This is what young architects in Dallas are doing if the seven discovered in this report can be seen as a reliable sample. 2,107 more words



Aired on KERA (NPR) Dallas, TX, April 2014

Kiev is a pastel city, beautiful, baroque and steeped in tragic ironies, its Orthodox churches and graceful buildings, feminine in their radiant pinks and blues, besieged, seemingly forever, by a bitter and brutal fate. 556 more words


Salvation of Cities?

Aired on KERA (NPR), Dallas, TX June 2014

Years ago, Jim Crupi, an urban specialist who had just moved to Dallas from Atlanta, foresaw a world of city-states, with New York, Los Angeles, Dubai and New Delhi, among others, assuming the importance of Singapore. 596 more words


Non-Profts Agonistes

Published in the Dallas Morning News, July 2014

Does anybody know of a non-profit that is doing well? I can think of a few: KERA, where I have an association, has made a strong recovery and is doing better, in fact, than at any time since the glory days of Bob Wilson. 545 more words


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