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The Enemy of My Enemy is Actually Pretty Cool

The defining geopolitical conflict of the current generation will be the crisis in the Middle East. In fact, the defining geopolitical conflict since the dawn of civilization has been the crisis in the middle ease. 549 more words


Band Geek: BANKS

by K. Borovinsky
graphic by Savannah Tate

When your new home is an apartment in the city and it never truly gets quiet at night, the whirling sounds of transpiration need some tragically hip music to accompany the mood. 209 more words


COLUMNS: Writings From 111B

In this monthly column, students with disabilities at Jonathan Law High School will write about what they do during or after school.

This month’s question is: What did you do over the summer? 182 more words


Louie and Devin Hester

Louie is one of those shows that no one watches but everyone talks about, and by everyone, I mean critics. When it comes to TV, my wheelhouse is basically those shows and cartoons, so when I noticed… 993 more words


My 20 seconds

20, 19, 18…your Netflix episode has ended and you toy with the idea of writing that paper that’s due in two days, or doing that load of laundry scattered around your floor. 378 more words


End the Fed's War on Paychecks

By Ralph Benko

The Democratic Party has made “income inequality” a signature issue for the 2014 (and, presumably, 2016) election cycle.  Democrats, en masse, shout “J’accuse!” at Republicans. 1,961 more words


Reading Material

The New Rules of Chivalry.

John Mellencamp is still looking for trouble.

Radiohead released Creep 22 years ago today and this is a piece on the band as they discuss the song. 20 more words