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STANDOUT STEALS — Week of December 15, 2014

Frost yourselves with these affordable yet expensive-looking extras that were influenced by the bohemian trend, the Chanel runway and Victoria Beckham. So no matter where you are this Christmas — on the beach in Miami, braving the cold in Minnesota or kicking it at home, you’ll have the right accessories for any occasion. 622 more words

Standout Steals

April 1987

This month is notable for the first mention of Elite in the column, the game most often associated with The Mad Hatter, plus a full colour page. 34 more words

BBC Micro

March 1987

Enthar Seven and Snowball again, plus a reference to Knightlore, another excellent Spectrum game I don’t recall being available for the Beeb. In mischievously describing himself as a clerical worker, he clearly expected readers to look beyond the obvious much as his beloved adventure games did.

BBC Micro

February 1987

Mostly focused on The Price of Magic, more of the Snowball solution also appears. Somebody else must have been involved in the Problem Solved section – I can’t see Dad being able to point out what pins to connect to on a variety of chips on a rom box.

BBC Micro

January 1987

Another mostly one-game column this month, with an in-depth look at Enthar Seven. A reader’s solution to Snowball also begins here, and runs over several months to come.

BBC Micro

December 1986

Pretty much a one-game column here. Somewhat puzzled to see that someone wrote in about Jet Set Willy, though. I don’t even remember there being a BBC version of it – for me Matthew Smith’s games will always be associated with the Spectrum.

BBC Micro