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Super Bowl Sunday

How to watch the big game at GVSU

Pete Barrows

Super Bowl Sunday, like Denny’s, is an American institution, and is revered as a national holiday even though the bureaucrats haven’t gotten around to making it official yet (THANKS, OBAMA!). 1,174 more words

Grand Valley Lanthorn

More of the same for Cape Breton in 2015

CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke returned from meetings in Toronto last week where he promoted the economic “opportunities” the municipality has been developing. First and foremost among those so-called opportunities is the development of the Sydney port project that he also touted last month in his “Year in Review” report. 598 more words


The Biggest Money Player In Politics Is The Fed

By Ralph Benko

Washington finally shows signs of coming to grips with the importance of money to politics. This is not about mere campaign finance. Recently there was a breakthrough in bringing the money policy issue out of the shadows and to center stage … where it belongs. 1,654 more words


The New Drivers of Europe's Geopolitics

By George Friedman

For the past two weeks, I have focused on the growing fragmentation of Europe. Two weeks ago, the murders in Paris prompted me to write about the fault line between Europe and the Islamic world. 2,297 more words


Thick skulls

7.35AM, Monday morning, JG Zuma Primary School, KwaZulu-Natal.

“Good morning, staff.”

“Good morning, Headmaster.”

“Right. Before we start, let’s address the elephant in the room.” 759 more words


Finding satisfaction in life but still asking the question: What if?

My closest friends know me as being indecisive. I’m one who would rather have someone tell me what I should do rather than having to make a decision on my own. 423 more words


Anticipated Releases of 2015

Undoubtedly, 2014 was a rare year for music. Month after month, incredible record after incredible record dropped with no end in sight. Whether listeners found their escape in pulsating beats, acoustic guitars or impenetrable walls of noise, there was something for everyone. 749 more words