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HELP!! Somebody just stole my name!!

Jean-Claude recently started up a business selling designer jeans and shirts in Kigali.

He started it as a joke, selling to his close friends who never had time to shop, but found himself getting into a fully fledged business. 531 more words


Tracking undisposed objects

Every so often I come across a crash or a hang in my project or unit test that is caused by missing dispose calls. This is especially true if a managed object holds references to COM objects and even more so if it’s not thread-safe. 265 more words


Some people are to stupid to know when they should STFU

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Since no name was given for the plaintiff, we will just call him “Cock Roch.” and let it go at that. 34 more words

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WebspaceTalk 101: I Dont Know What a Domain Name is!!

We are the .COM generation, so everyone says. The generation that is growing up intertwined with the internet. The .COM generation is a term that we use very loosely, but what exactly does .COM mean. 295 more words


Full lace wig review Eurasian virgin hair

We have 3 stock size custom wigs available 1-medium cap and 2 small caps with 5×5 silk top hidden knots. These units have imported Eurasian hair. 134 more words

how cool is this

Forest Man

It Seems Like It Can’t Work, But Then The Camera Pulls

Back, And Damn, There It Is

Curated by Robby Berman

This is a wonderful and inspiring story of a man who does one simple thing every day to protect a place he loves from environmental disaster. 55 more words