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Study: New Technique Predicts Consciousness of Brain-Damaged Patients

End-of-life questions are complicated by the uncertainty of whether a patient in a deep vegetative state will ever regain consciousness or recover, and doctors have been baffled by patients who they thought were all but dead coming back to life after an extended period of unconsciousness. 433 more words

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No one wants to lose a child

No one wants to lose a child. I suppose that is what happened to me when I was a child, one day I was walking back from the library, when a car struck me. 263 more words

KFC Mistaken for Food

In an incident that would make Australia’s Funniest Home Videos, a KFC customer accidentally ate one of their products.

“I don’t know what came over me. 110 more words

Track | Great Skies Feat. Coma "Running"

“Running” is the title of the new collaboration between Great Skies and the American singer CoMa. If you like to listen to some ambient electronic music to relax a bit, this is an incredible combination of… 31 more words


The Veteran

The local paper interviewed his parents. A reporter with a deep chocolaty voice and kind eyes came to their house and sat down right in the living room and asked them questions about him. 667 more words

napowrimo - the world gets dark - daaswishiniizh giizhgad - day twelve

my daughters once said to me, mom what if you’re in a coma right now and we’re not even real. what an awful thought. but it really made me think about reality; people in comas; residential school experiments; mental institution experiments; and the delicate balance of mental stability and spiritual distress. 374 more words