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The Art of Ads

This is one of my favorite examples of Ads and how the photo used can relay a message. This is a friend of mine and this classic photo portrays a sincere openness and willingness to help with any client’s legal issues. 36 more words

Manic Monday's Photo of the Day

Here is a picture that was taken during a photo shoot at the Legendary Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas. This photo is of: The Dallas Tap Dazzlers and might cheer up anyone else who is having a classic, “Monday”. 20 more words

Quanah Parker

There have been very few books about Indians, aka Native Americans, that don’t extol their basic simplicity and closeness to nature.   Most of that is pure poppycock, something seen through twenty first century eyes, looking back at a time that was – in many ways - very different.  411 more words

Excitement Galore!

I am so excited to announce my second historical western, Riding The Storm! If everything goes as planned, I will have it out in August, 2014, which will be a miracle in itself since I’m self-publishing this book. 121 more words


We Now Have A Blog!

Riley Studio as you know from my previous posts on my main blog has been the subject of some interesting photo shoot experiences and stories that go along with the Professional Photography industry. 242 more words

G&L Tribute Comanche Guitar in Transparent Blue

Save $ 259 order now G&L Tribute Comanche Guitar in Transparent Blue at Cheap Guitars For Sale store. Daily reviews best acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and find cheap guitars for sale, used guitars on Ebay, Amazon… 12 more words


So, the U. S. military discontinues the RAH-66 Comanche program after spending $1 billion when it had a working, applicable stealth helicopter it simply decided not to deploy. 307 more words