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Video 278: Thế nào là tự vệ thực tế?

Nhiều bạn fan cuồng của MMA hay Brazilian Jiu-jitsu cứ nói rằng ở ngoài đường đánh đấm kiểu gì thì cũng phải dùng đến địa chiến, mà đến bước này thì người học 2 môn trên sẽ áp đảo. 126 more words

Võ Thuật

My Experience With "World Of Tanks"

Last night, I downloaded an app called “World Of Tanks”. It was an MMO game where you are in a tank and basically have to either defeat all the enemies tanks or capture their base or something like that. 245 more words

Backbone: The Johnny Greaves Story

“Without journeymen there’s no boxing, you know there isn’t”.

These are the words of Johnny Greaves, an ex journeyman pro who has a unique record. In only four years as a professional prizefighter, Johnny racked up 100 fights, boxing names such as Gavin Reese, Scotty Cardle and Anthony Crolla along the way. 499 more words


Bad Neighbors

Maybe it’s just me, but lately people’s vehicles are louder than they used to be. They have no qualms just leaving their loud engines running. Disturbing otherwise quiet neighborhoods while they do god knows what. 124 more words

Taekwondo in Vietnam

Under General Myung-Shin Chae, Korean soldiers in Vietnam were encouraged to learn Taekwondo to increase their proficiency in combat. As a result, the Viet Cong routinely avoided encounters with Korean soldiers. 179 more words


Conor McGregor

I took a stroll down to the Conor McGregor mural in my area last night and got some what I feel are interesting shots. The mural is on Clanbrassil Street in Dublin 8.

Finish the Phrase: If You Can't Say Something Nice... - The Spiritual Combat, 24.

Posted by: EvangelicalDisciple

The Spiritual Combat, Chapter 24: Of the Way to Rule the Tongue (text at bottom)

…Then don’t say anything at all. 1,009 more words