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Play testing 4

Had play testing today add some more rules to the characteristics to make then more realistic.


Longest Tank Kill In History

One thing that is undeniably “British” is the love of a good underdog story and British military history is filled with examples of just that. The Harrier in the Falklands. 414 more words


And on the First Day

So… it’s 11 AM… working on a third cup of coffee and pretending to read material for class. How I shall spend the next 5 hours. 420 more words


Emulate monster weapon

@ktkenshinx as a DM, I'd rule it on a case-by-case basis. Especially with weapons for Large+ creatures, they aren't meant for PCs

— No WiFi Mearls (@mikemearls) October 17, 2014

The Shattered Empire Final Sample

Here’s the final section from The Shattered Empire.  Here’s the first, second, third, and fourth samples if you missed them.

Eldorado, Garris Major System… 1,439 more words


Combat Self Defense

2011 서울에어쇼/2011 Seoul Air ShowImage by mR.Son.Photo
서울 국제 항공우주 및 방위산업전시회 2011
Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition 2011
Violence against humans in the form of destruction, conquering, terrorism, and assaulting by other humans is as old as mankind itself. …

The Marines - New Military Technology & Combat Weaponry at Marine Week (26 July - 3 Aug 2014)

Marine Week Seattle 2014 will offer attendees the opportunities to climb aboard state-of-the-art aircraft and ground equipment, and check out the latest mili…
by Internet Archive Book Images… 16 more words