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Combo Apps/iDarkroom 2.0

Tonight I’m going to talk about the now with iDarkroom a total new look and style. iDarkroom was one of the apps most iPhoneographers were using because of it’s mixtures of textures, light leaks and bokeh. 660 more words


Combo Apps/Feminine Moments

I want you all to meet Birthe Havmoeller. Birthe hosts an independent website called Feminine Moments. You can read about her vision and website below. 691 more words


Combo Apps/Brushstroke

Code Organa has put out a comprehensive painting app called Brushstroke. It’s a very detailed painting app that is more realistic when it comes to making your photos look like paintings from the old masters. 968 more words

Tina Rice

Project 365 Week 10

First off I want to thanks Egmont van Dyck for letting me use his photo of the painter. He going through a remodel in his house, so that how he shot the painter in his house. 942 more words


Project 365 Week 8

“Blowing Off Reality” is based on a movie I watched called Akira Kurosawa Dreams. It’s one of my favorite Japanese Films of all time. The movie is made of short films of Japanese Forklore and the different stages of the director’s life. 1,010 more words


Combo Apps: PhotoMotion

PhotoMotion is one of the easiest slideshow apps or any program I’ve ever used in my life. The day I got the beta test build for the app I was really sick and made a quick demo just to posted something on Instagram. 1,023 more words