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Combo Apps/myFilm SLR-like

You just a demo of myFilm SLR-like by bbcddc. This is a tilt-shift/DoF app on caffeine high. I feel in love with the results with my edit from this app. 265 more words


Combo Apps/Gloomlogue, Click Serendipity and Superimpose Studio

I wanted to a run through with Gloomlogue since the app was offered for free at one time. There are some pros to the app and some cons. 431 more words


Combo Apps/truefilm

Today I’m going to talk about truefilm an app that gives your photos a film look to them. I was a film photographer first so that’s what drew me to the app. 536 more words


Combo Apps/ColorLake Update 3.0

ColorLake is one of the best water flood reflection app on the market. The developer has maintain the edge and stayed in top. I wrote about the app two years ago. 596 more words


Combo Apps/The Problems Made with Meld

The app Meld came out over two weeks ago, what started as hype ended with hype. I’ll show you some of the things that bothered me about the app. 816 more words


Combo Apps/Wayman Stairs Video Tutorial

Tutorial by Wayman Stairs (IG:@wstairs)

First I open up the original image (dark gray sky) into clever painter and scribble away. Then I open that image in Fragment and select random, till I get some shapes that I like. 615 more words