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Combo Apps/A Day At The Park

Today I went to the park with Vida and Boyce to do some video clips. I did take some photos with Hipstamatic, like this big Magnolia Tree. 234 more words


Combo Apps/QuickPics Photo Manager

Today will be a simple post on getting your iPhone photo organised, so you don’t have to do the endless scrolling on your iPhone. Now there’s an app that can help your organise your photos, where they’re easy to retrieve and access them quickly. 147 more words


Combo Apps/iGlitch

“What’s your glitch !!!” Famous catch phrase that came from the 90s movie, “Reality Bites” !!! Today I’m going to explore an app where you can apply glitches on your photos. 457 more words


Combo Apps/Flood Filter for Water Reflection

It’s all about flooding your photos with Flood Filter for Water Reflection by Flaming Pear. Flood is originally a Photoshop Plugin program (Mac and Windows) for adding water reflection effects to your photos. 284 more words


Combo App Instruction for Mobile Devices.

Finally a site that shows how to get the results you see many photographers getting using combo apps on their mobile devices. This is the best place I have found to learn how to get similar results. 47 more words

Combo Apps/myFilm SLR-like

You just a demo of myFilm SLR-like by bbcddc. This is a tilt-shift/DoF app on caffeine high. I feel in love with the results with my edit from this app. 265 more words


Combo Apps/Gloomlogue, Click Serendipity and Superimpose Studio

I wanted to a run through with Gloomlogue since the app was offered for free at one time. There are some pros to the app and some cons. 431 more words