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Can Permaculture and Spirituality Coexist?

One heart fire, what does it mean and why do I use it to represent my journey with permaculture? Well, there are different answers to those questions depending on your opinion of spirituality. 1,228 more words


Slow motion combustion experiments.

Wanting to illustrate combustion for GCSE chemistry using a classic demo with a new twist, I did a Whoosh bottle experiment filmed at 240fps.  The standard experiment involves setting light to methanol, ethanol or propanol in a polycarbonate water cooler bottle, and the rapid exit/entrance of gases through the neck causes a whoosh. 129 more words


Why do cars need oil? Do they really?

Why do cars need oil? Supposedly to avoid friction. But, I have seen a test on TV, approximately 30 years ago, where a new VW Golf was driven for a 100’000 Kilometres, WITHOUT OIL, without problems. 91 more words


Year 8 Light Up The Labs

Year 8 made pure oxygen in today’s lesson. Here is Charlotte proving it really is oxygen as it relights her glowing splint.

We also burned magnesium oxygen in pure oxygen, which was extremely bright. 63 more words

Can you light a match on the moon?

Can you light a match on the moon?  The answer isn’t as obvious as you may think.  Click on this link to find out.  

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