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Let's Break Down Forbes' Laughable "5 Reasons To Admire Comcast"

In spite of its two Worst Company In America wins, we know that not everyone hates Comcast. But if you’re going to go out of your way on a popular website to tell America why it should think more kindly of the Kabletown folks, then you’ll need to come up with better reasons than the ones given in a risible Forbes.com column.

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Netflix Is Paying AT&T To Make Movies Stream Faster

Despite its public war against interconnection fees, Netflix has signed another paid peering deal with an Internet Service Provider to improve the quality of its streaming and reduce buffering for its subscribers. 284 more words

What has happened to customer service?

I recently have seen blogs and articles everywhere about the Comcast customer service train wreck of a conversation between a call center employer and a customer who was trying to cancel his service. 460 more words

Toe Tagged: FEARnet

I’ve never been close to those who work for FEARnet, but I have always considered myself a colleague of theirs and visa-versa. And with the news that FEARnet will be closing up shop and no longer contributing to the horror community comes at a complete shock. 105 more words


Could Comcast Be Out Of The Mix?

David Barron joined B Straw and Paulie G to talk about the latest developments with CSN and if the Rockets and Astros will be on TV for the whole market any time soon.


The Secret of Life

I know by now many of you are saying, “Taylor your so wise, please tell me the secret to life.” Well, thisĀ is your lucky day ladies and gents- there are several secrets that I have in my back pocket. 727 more words

Life Lessons

A Farewell to FEARNET - By Sterling Anno

Alas, yet another network provided soldier has fallen in this current age of innovation and commercial damnation. We’ve lost many as of late, some clocks were ticking all along, while others simply went before their time had come. 601 more words

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