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Ayaya Super Junior with Mamacita Comeback

Ok so I was so hoping the teaser theme would make sense once the video came out. It does not. The video is set in wild west. 90 more words



MV quá hay, comeback stage cũng quá tuyệt..

Tuy phần lời Eng có hơi… Nhưng giai điệu thì không thể chê vào đâu được!!

Cả giai điệu lẫn vũ đạo của “Shirt” nữa. 40 more words


Blast from the Past: O-Town's New Single "Skydive"

Boy bands do seem to be making a strange comeback lately, with the Backstreet Boys continuously touring, and young boy bands like One Direction and… 152 more words


[CB] 9/15-нд 2PM иргэн ирэлт ♥

Манай залуус тийсэр зурагнуудаа албан ёсоор гаргахаас өмнө твиттерээр ээлж дараалан нийтэд дэлгэжээ. Харин өнөөдөр өглөө албан ёсны мэдээлэл болон тийсэр зураг naver сайтад тавигдсан байна. 35 more words

Мэдээ мэдээлэл

Super Junior releases all tracks of 7th album, expectations rise for comeback stage

Source: News 1 via Naver

1. [+394, -81] SuJu never ages.. their faces haven’t changed at all

2. [+376, -77] I’m glad that their song doesn’t sound like Bonamana, Sexy, Free, and Single, or Mr. 57 more words


[Exclusive] 2PM confirms comeback for September 15... "We're crazy!!"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,614, -123] I do miss the days of their Again & Again era…

2. [+1,291, -186] I’m not a 2PM fan but everyone seems to think Suzy’s the ace of JYP and the breadwinner for the company but the real breadwinners are 2PM. 106 more words