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An Ode to the Power of Metal

After recently watching the Pick of Destiny again, my husband broke out an awesome “old”  video game (old being from like 2009, which is old in the video game sphere these days whereas the games of my childhood would be considered retro. 785 more words


Bobby Singer - A Man Many Need to be Able to Call Friend (Spoiler Alert)

We all need to have a Bobby Singer in our lives. He is a father figure for Sam and Dean especially since their father, John Winchester, died (to save Dean). 371 more words



There is a town in Connecticut for sale for a mere $800k. It includes eight lots of land that have eight buildings that include Victorian era homes and buildings. 624 more words


Best Holiday Ever... Halloween

It’s the most magical time of the year. Blood, guts, gore. Halloween. It is my favorite time of year.

I love dressing up, and I love seeing everyone else’s costumes. 297 more words


The Wall

Pink Floyd’s The Wall. It is a movie that must be viewed every few years. I have done so since childhood. My father was a fan of the music and instilled in me the awesome musical tastes that I have today. 1,229 more words


Being Nice (For a Socially Awkward Person)

Being nice for me is telling your neighbor/friend/acquaintance that the ugly alien that they pooped out of their vagina is cute. It is a creepy little chest burster that made its way out through your vagina. 955 more words


Why Does it Always Come Back to Shit?

I finally emerged from my hermit cave and went to see a friend of mine tonight. My husband and I spent the evening outside on her porch with her husband and her brother. 511 more words