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A Flash Interlude - 1:25 a.m.

I awoke to loud voices coming from downstairs. It was 1:25 a.m. I looked at my clock twice to confirm it. The words “simple syrup” made it upstairs. 84 more words


Lions & Slingshots & Bedtime, Oh My!

How a lion, mashed pudding and an over active imagination can get you into trouble; and how a slingshot can get you out of it. Another adventure in the life of Ex-Radio Personality Chip Baker, now available on  46 more words


A Groundnut Bottle

It is quite difficult for me to walk straight pass a groundnut bottle. There is just something about its taste that keeps calling out to me, I sometimes just stand imagining it screaming romantically at me “Don’t go, please come and eat me” and when I turn my back to leave, the groundnut bottle yells out “My love, please eat me.” So most times after I have resolved in my head not to eat from the groundnut bottle anymore, I find myself eating from it, not like it is my fault anyways, I am only doing the groundnut bottle a favour. 258 more words

Thought For The Day

I never expected to keep half the friends I have, over things I say. Actually, I never expected to have half the friends I do have. Thanks, mom!

Question For The Day

What’s so inappropriate about making a harmless, little Bill Cosby joke about date rape on a first date to ease the tension? I think calling me a*****e and mother*****r is inappropriate.


To my knowledge sarcasm never killed anyone. Might have got some good people hurt though.

The Hogfather - a Story of the Real Pagan Santa

I first found out about The Hogfather series of four videos based on the books by Terry Pratchett on the Experimental Pagan blog and finally got to watch all of them (total 4 part running time around 4+ hours) and I Loved them! 247 more words


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i am reblogging my own blog post linking the videos of the Hogfather series which is a dark yet funny whimsical yet serious portrayal of the roots of Santa Claus in the pagan world, newly told in these videos. I am re-watching them now so watch them with me and enjoy!