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if it's cheesy, it's working

videostore guy, oh videostore guy, you always look so fly.

with your flannel shirts and worn out All-Stars,

your glasses so rad and so clear, so I can see your deep blue eyes. 115 more words


Saturday Scruff: The Transformation

For a handful of men a beard is something of genuine pride. Sure the first week or two is chalked up to laziness, but once that 14-day mark has been passed you become attached to the slowly growing mass of hair on your face… at least, I do. 125 more words


I Don't Come from Corporate

I work at a make up store, I won’t name which one, but that’s my job. I frequently get calls asking about whether or not we carry certain products, which is to be expected. 319 more words


From the Mouths of Babes - "Cleo on Equality" from YT and CNN

I think this is just precious and profound. Such wisdom out of the mouths of babes, specifically 4 year old Cleo on the subject of Equality. 25 more words


Awkward Meeting

There is nothing more awkward than being that person waiting for someone to arrive late to a meeting. You just look like an absolute fool! So, I sit here, ten minutes early, expecting my colleagues to arrive at most fifteen minutes late, not a bad window. 109 more words


Good news!

I hate group meetings – work meetings. Especially, at home, away from work. Group TEXT meetings, in fact. I hate em’. I was in the comforts of my own home – in the cushions of my recliner – in my, at home, attire. 809 more words

Short Stories

Overalls and the History of Mexico

Is there anything more exciting on God’s green earth than getting a package in the mail?

The correct answer is no. There is not. 334 more words