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Upcoming notable events for Sept. 19 - 25

I swim beneath the surface of the massive ocean of fantastic comedy shows in this town and I’m determined to bring everyone I know down with me. 432 more words

PDX Comedy

I sat down to try to write a clickbait-style headline. You won't believe what happens next

Comedy is art. Comedy is also science, math, gym class, lunchroom drama, and a long, lonely walk home to an empty house with some leftover macaroni in the refrigerator. 1,796 more words

Portland Comedy


I’ve been looking for this
I think I willed it into
finally it appeared on the
Goodwill VHS shelf:

This movie meant so much to me… 82 more words


Malcolm Hardee - live on stage - in his first UK comedy show since 2005

When I talked to Chris Dangerfield for yesterday’s blog, he gave me a photo of an interesting comedy poster.

It was interesting because it was for a gig billed two weeks ago in London - 817 more words


Life Could Always be Worse 4

When your having a bad day and you hate your life, just remember, you could’ve been one of the UFC ring girls. What will these poor women do when they are no longer desirable and their only skills are holding up a sign?  46 more words


Stupid Folk

If earth is a microcosm of the universe, then it makes sense aliens are stupid too. In fact proof of this may arrive in the not too distant future when a stupid extraterrestrial pushes the wrong button and shazam! 412 more words


The New Identities Part III

The first two parts proved to be pretty popular, so I wanted to do another version of the New Identities because I encountered specialized types of people I’ve encountered commuting on the bus as I did today… 401 more words