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I Don't Like Being Black

I don’t like being black because it’s super inconvenient when I want to take the bus somewhere. At night when the bus approaches the stop where I’m standing, the driver doesn’t even see me so he passes right by.


The Hudsucker Proxy directed by Joel Cohen, 1994

I saw a movie this week. It was a comedy. it was directed by Joel Cohen.  The movie was “The Hudsucker Proxy.”  It was made in 1994.  149 more words


Double Feature: Summer Blockbuster!

Double Feature returns to The Lincoln Lodge TONIGHT! Chicago’s only comedy show that features the city’s best standup comedians and best taped sketch teams together!


XII-Action Movies

It might surprise you to learn that I am not the manliest of men. It probably shouldn’t, but it might. In fact I’m fairly convinced that they handed out all the testosterone out on the school field in year eight while I was looking for some shade so I wouldn’t get any glare from the sun while I was trying to beef up my Charizard*. 900 more words