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"My Poem"

This poem featured in a stand-up comedy gig that I did for my comedy exam as part of my Theatre Arts course at Middlesex University in 2011. 427 more words

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Charged For Laughs & Woman Robs Motel As A Ninja Turtle - Stupid News

A woman puts on her best costume to rob a motel. Plus a comedy club charges per laugh.



Comedy club charges per laugh with facial recognition


A comedy club in Barcelona is experimenting with charging users per laugh, using facial-recognition technology to track how much they enjoyed the show.

The software is installed on tablets attached to the back of each seat at the Teatreneu club.

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jumping up and down

how to become larger than life? it’d be fun to do so, isn’t it. the paramount factor in this incident is where the murderer does not even know where he was going to save the victim from falling prey to his nemesis who in the end turns out to be the most beautiful person you could ever have met in one’s lifetime where kindness and passion, surprisingly, does exist whilst the most obnoxious crime refuses to subside until the last one at the end of line gives a shout-out to his best buddy in school going like hey I’m here can’t you see me I’m going to get us both donuts and coffees that are way too expensive taking into consideration its quality and portions that you can get at a much lower price at the pizza place situated close to the Brooklyn Bridge where people commute to and from Manhattan every day as opposed to those who choose to take Tube to go between the City and the south bank side where really nice fish and chips can hardly be found so much so that city dwellers at some point almost put on a mass protest on the streets of London where nobody cares about anybody because one-third of the population were born outside of the United Kingdom where you find much more curry places than British cuisines outlets that turn out to be a scam because there’s no such thing as British cuisines as there’s no such thing as really honesty in Jason’s act in the workplace where competition is horribly high to the point of absurdity and of credulity which somehow gets you thinking that whether Brandon the Boss really exists to irritate everyone else including yourself working in the company that has lost quite some money since the start of the season due to lack of interest in the products from potential customers who are most of the time too picky to decide in time to rescue the firm from being pummeled into the deep fiscal crisis that is terribly in need of fixing to get out of trouble of bumping into Bob the Sponge from the popular cartoon on TV who does not work one day without causing some trouble to the crab burger place where the owner with no compassion sells his own kind to a not so sophisticated clientele who tend to be overtly hyper to the extent where sometimes they need rushing out of the restaurant to get a second wind by eating something else such as a sandwich that passes its expiry date for well over twelve months during the period of which Karen the Kite-Flyer finally comes back from her tread across the globe in the name of finding herself whilst in fact escaping away from what is known as reality for a good fair amount of time during which she met a large number of different people some of whom are really nice while some others are just okay because she didn’t expect to have an experience where everything is awesome as the song goes in the Lego movie that turns out to be a little bit too weird for someone like her to absorb whilst holding a bowl full of chocolate-caramel popcorn on her laps sitting in front of telly and at the same time talking on the phone to her significant other whoever on earth that person could be because it does not really matter when she gets to enjoy herself for a whole night without disturbance from her previous bad experiences which she came across whilst traveling Europe where she rode a bike roaming around the city of Paris where the Eiffel Tower is said to be located and also where people watch birds flying overhead in the sky heading the direction she had no clue about for being born a kid following in the footsteps of others to avoid failure that was too daunting an idea that she picked the life she liked the most to live whilst her BFF pastor once told her that you needn’t be so cautious about things around me because it’s going to be awesome to try something new once in a while even though it’s apparent that this essay could go on and on without an end in sight however when it needs stopping it would stop by itself.


WHAT'S ON OCTOBER 2014: Marcel Lucont comes to The Stand

Fresh from a smash-hit Edinburgh Fringe, Marcel Lucont is taking his live show on the road and is coming to The Stand in Glasgow on Monday 27th October. 160 more words