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On puberty.

When other boys were getting chest hair and pubes and all that…What did I get? Goat fluff and ball hair. “Oh my god, I’ve turned into Pan.”  I was one flute away from being a mythological creature.

(brb, laughing FOREVER.)

Funny Is Forever

The Raunch Hands: New York City's Kings of Sleaze and Crypt Records' house band

Actual conversation at the recent Gories show:

Me: “blah blah blah Gories, Crypt Records blah blah blah”

Person who likes the Gories: “What’s Crypt Records…

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Finally found something to do with that Justin Bieber Doll

A number of years ago I got a joke present for xmas – a Justin Bieber Doll.

The person who gave me him for xmas set me up at new years when I met his new girlfriend. 362 more words

Scans from guitar magazines I bought when I was a kid, Vol. 1

For some reason (probably because I am stupid), I still have a box of guitar magazines I bought when I was first learning to play guitar, back in high school!  639 more words