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Review: Galavant "Two Balls" and "Comedy Gold"

I understand that we’re running about a week behind on this, since last night newer episodes of Galavant aired. I put my blame squarely in two camps: 1) the illness that has rampaged through our home over the last two weeks, making entertainment like television a near impossibility, and 2) the update to Hulu+ on the PS3 that crashes the playback every commercial and makes watching an episode of anything a Herculean task. 725 more words


365 Day Photo Challenge - 14th January 2015, "I'm gonna swing from the chandelier"

Sometimes when I see a big chandelier like this I can’t help but want to jump up and swing on it, just like Sia’s songs says “I’m gonna swing from the chandelier”. 36 more words


Galavant 01x03-01x04 ‘Two Balls/Comedy Gold’: Trying a little hard to be funny

This week I definitely had some mixed feelings about the episodes. While I found them quite hilarious, there were times I yet again felt the jokes were a bit tasteless. 50 more words


Comedy Gold: Fascinating Aida with "Cheap Flights"

I’m not a big fan of the comedy song, with the possible exception of some Victoria Wood numbers and of course the great Victor Borge, but I do like this “Cheap Flights” business from Fascinating Aida.

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