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Comedy Gold: Fascinating Aida with "Cheap Flights"

I’m not a big fan of the comedy song, with the possible exception of some Victoria Wood numbers and of course the great Victor Borge, but I do like this “Cheap Flights” business from Fascinating Aida.

Comedy Gold

I interview Walter Daniels about working at Sound Exchange, and the Austin punk scene

I’ve been friends with Walter Daniels for years, and before we recorded our new album on 12XU I did an oral history interview with him about working at Sound Exchange, the legendary Austin, Texas record store, for the local historical archives. 543 more words


Comedy Gold: Stewart Lee on "Top Gear"

I really like Stewart Lee, and I love this routine … I not only agree with everything he says, I also loathe the lazy Top Gear Clarkson-y bullshit so-called politics, really just brainless ill-informed lies dressed as no-nonsense common-sense straight talk. HATE IT. HATE, HATE, HATE.

Comedy Gold

European Tour Report, Part The First: in which I try to sell people my TWO NEW RECORDS and play a buncha shows

Now that I’m back from ‘yurp and had some time to get over the jet lag, let’s look back on my overseas sojourn in words, video, and crappy cell phone pictures! 2,035 more words


Calling This Meme!



I’ll let you comment on this one.


Ahahahahaha! I hope there’s a special trophy for managing to select the right combination of actions and dialogue to elicit the line “I will bring myself sexual pleasure later, while thinking about this with great respect.” 231 more words