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Experiencing Shakespeare

Today we hoped on the first train to London and I was reunited with one of my favorite cities in the entire world. I visited three years ago as a high school graduation present for about a week and it wasn’t enough time. 1,228 more words

All the world's a stage

Shakespeare in Love at the Noel Coward Theatre – M 15 Sept

On Monday morning, I met up with MD and AB (two friends from orientation) to try our hand at acquiring discounted theatre tickets.   1,071 more words

The Comedy of Errors (3 pints of beer, 3 glasses of red wine)

Right. First one of these. In case the premise hasn’t been entirely explained, basically, we’re gonna start reviewing stuff. You know, arty stuff. Plays, and films, and ice cream, and whatever. 1,134 more words


Compensation and Productivity

Many Americans have seen graphs like this:

Much of this is due to the use of different price level deflators for productivity and compensation. Over the past forty-one years, U.S. 244 more words

Comedy Of Errors

Import Substitution

America’s large size and population explains why it could afford its extreme manufacturing protectionism during the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Mexico ceased import substitution with the passage of NAFTA. 44 more words

Comedy Of Errors

Laws of Economics

1. Demand does not create its own supply (cf. “stagflation”).

2. Supply does not create its own demand (cf. “involuntary unemployment”).

3. What is consumed must first be produced . 119 more words

Comedy Of Errors

COMEDY OF ERRORS, Shakespeare's Globe SE1


Uneven, but with big laughs, confused but not entirely to fault; this production nestled itself almost perfectly between brilliance and rubbish. 443 more words

Three Mice