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How a casual relationship became an addiction, and "How to Succeed in Evil"

I don’t think my acquisition of free e-books reached the level of addiction until after I had read “How to Succeed in Evil” by Patrick E. 682 more words


Shakespeare and The Selfie

In this 21st Century society, it is increasingly apparent that there are fewer and fewer cases of self without the selfie. It can be debated whether self without the selfie even exists (for a certain age and gender). 542 more words

A Comedy Of Planting

OK, so something strange came into my life today. My wife and I had already agreed that most of the flowers that I bought this spring (not all, but most) will go under our clothesline, where we are establishing a few garden “holes” in a gravel area. 639 more words

Of Bikes and Men

After accidentally destroying a mouse nest in 1785, the poet Robert Burns wrote, “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley.” In case we weren’t fully convinced of just how awry things can go, John Steinbeck hammered the point home 150 years later with the most beautiful exercise in soul-crushing devastation ever written. 1,160 more words

Higway to smell..bad luck or divine intervention

I know it’s wrong to gloat at other people’s bad luck or misfortunes, and I know that, whatever an individual has or has not done in his or her life, somethings are undeniably unfair or contrary, but a news item popped into the newspapers recently that more than just brought out a smile… 432 more words

What If...

This Makes Me Proud of Rand Paul (and some other Congressmen)

The above remarks are spot-on. Three cheers for Rand being one of two U.S. Senators (the other was Dean Heller) to vote against the horrendous H.R. 98 more words

Comedy Of Errors