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Leftist Stupidity on Ecuador from a Year Back

Lately, I’ve been learning a bit about economic development and its relationship to economic freedom. I’ve been especially interested in economic nationalism and leftist support for it. 190 more words

Comedy Of Errors

My Airport Song

I got to the gate
A little bit late.
It wasn’t my fault,
But simply my fate.

I woke up at five in the morning, 285 more words


Why the U.S. had Two, not One, WW I Demobilization Recessions

I have often found it curious that the U.S. had two post-World War I demobilization recessions, rather than just one, with the later one being much more severe than the earlier. 373 more words

Comedy Of Errors

Some Clarification on the Previous Post

There is a discrepancy between the two translations of the relevant text I linked to the day before yesterday regarding whether Bartolomé de las Casas meant that the Hispaniolan native population declined by over two-thirds between 1494 and 1496 or between 1494 and 1506. 229 more words

Comedy Of Errors

The Pre-Columbian Population of Hispaniola

There have been many attempts over the past century to figure out the pre-Columbian population of the island of Hispaniola, which is now home to some 20 million people. 406 more words

Comedy Of Errors

First Time Since April 2009, U.S. Employment Situation Better than in June 1983

Almost a miracle (seasonally adjusted):

Note: U.S. unemployment figures from before the end of the post-Vietnam War recession are distorted by the effects of both wartime and peacetime military conscription practiced between 1940 and 1973. 27 more words

Comedy Of Errors