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See previous post, by the points of which I fully stand.

the available proxy evidence does not reveal what conditions were like in different parts of northern Iraq, or for that matter, in northern Iraq as a whole.

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Biblical Geography

The Comedy of Errors @The Globe Theatre

On 25th of September, when we went to London to see The Comedy of Errors written by William Shakespeare in 1594. It was the very first time for me to go to The Globe and also the first time ever to see Shakespeare live. 752 more words

Historical Illiteracy Defined

To the ignorant:
1. Sennacherib died long before 657 BC.
2. Drought had little to nothing to do with the fall of the Assyrian Empire. The Empire was doomed by Nabopolassar’s Chaldean revolts in Akkad and an usurper in Nineveh. 34 more words

Biblical Geography


It could’ve been a really, really lousy day, but instead, it was a reminder of God’s ability to provide for us and change our attitudes. 707 more words


The 100 Person per Acre Rule - How Accurate Is It?

Manhattan, according to Wikipedia, contains 59.5 square kilometers of land area, or 14,700 acres. By the 100 person per acre rule, this should hold about 1.47 million people. 503 more words

Biblical Geography

Cheap Champagne and Chinese Food

Sometimes a terrible experience can transform into a great one, and can occasionally yield some excellent memories.  I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately, and have remembered quite a few occasions which, although awful at first, turned into something ultimately positive.   1,492 more words

Oregon Shakespeare Festival!

Last weekend, I went on a road trip to Ashland, Oregon with my dad for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Ashland is this little town juuuust north of the California-Oregon border. 585 more words