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Philae, the comet, news reports, and the possibility of another planet.

The big news on the science front this week was the landing of Philae on a comet, and I found it interesting to note how the news media reported it. 831 more words

Accretion Mechanism

Carbon and Hydrogen Found on Comet

Hello everyone, sorry it’s been a couple days! Over the weekend I attended the Georgia vs. Auburn football game, which was a rather sad event as you might guess. 1,066 more words


Comet heaven

So while we apparently have reached out to the heavens and landed on a comet, there is still so much to learn about these mysterious travelers. 115 more words


Strange Visitors From the Edge of the Solar System

The term “Oort Cloud” may be obscure for many people, but it’s familiar terrain for astronomy buffs. It’s a giant spherical swarm of trillions of proto-comets, lurking at the outer fringes of the Solar System, so far away that it may stretch a quarter of the way to the nearest star. 638 more words

From NYT: "So Far Away, Yet So Near to Us"

The New York Times

NOV. 17, 2014

Philae is talking to us,” announced the manager in charge of the little piece of machinery that had just achieved the first landing on a comet, a frozen remnant from the formation of the solar system. 769 more words

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