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Extinction events

There have been a number of mass extinction events on Earth since life began here. The most well-known ones are lumped under one title and referred to as “The Big Five”. 1,089 more words


Day 250 - Meteors

Strangest thing I’ve seen this year – at first we thought it was a plane, but, it wasn’t. As far as I can zoom in it looks like a big ball of fire.

DEI 2014 Induction Ceremony

DEI held its 2014 induction ceremony Friday, September 26th. It was an amazing event with an impressive turn out. Our adviser and officers inducted new DEI members with a handshake and a DEI pin to wear once they graduate. 104 more words


Sterling Newman takes care of Fulton at home

Sterling Newman is still undefeated and will remain #1 in the state. 17 more words

The Score

European Space Agency select date for historic comet landing

(Philae’s landing site – Photo Credit: ESA/Rosetta et al)

The European Space Agency have announced that the Rosetta spacecraft will deploy its lander, Philae, to the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko on November 12.  393 more words


The Water in Our Bodies Makes Us All Part Alien

“A new study published today (Sept. 25) in the journal Science suggests that between 10 to 30 percent of the Earth’s water is older than the sun, and likely hails from comets born outside our solar system. 120 more words

Water Resources