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Taters gonna tate!

Almost as much as I like rice, I like potatoes.

They get a lot of bad publicity. Remember the “low-carb diet” craze? Poor taters.
Yes, they are high on the glycemic index, but I don’t eat them every day.  405 more words


Quinoa Broccoli Casserole

So clearly we’re big Quinoa haters here at ELP. Honestly I personally don’t even keep rice in my house. I was never a big fan and when Quinoa started to become more popular it just made sense to me to eat a grain that was actually healthy for you versus empty calories of white rice. 407 more words


Tuna Melt Macaroni and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food and so are warm cheesy tuna melts and I have always absolutely loved them both. I decided to combine the two into this easy, simple and nutritious dish. 471 more words


Sausage stuffed baked apples

I would guess it’s pretty obvious, but I seriously love cooking. I mean, I go though those periods where I’m ready to throw in the dish towel and swear we’re only eating out from now on. 456 more words

Comfort Food

Mama’s Kitchen

Simple, tasty, and authentic Korean food is what Mama’s Kitchen serves. Located in middle of campus on West Grace Street, Mama’s Kitchen reminds me of precisely what its name stands for, family comfort food. 88 more words


A sweet tooth phase or era?

What is it with sweets and me lately? It stared a couple of months ago…. No, I lied…it started last November around the holidays but it’s the same every year and then my craving goes away after the holidays, sometime in January timeframe. 202 more words

Spaghetti Squash with Homemade Sauce

Hello my fellow travellers,

I was going through our local grocery flyer and noticed that spaghetti squash was on sale. I was intrigued as I saw quite a few recipes floating around on the interwebs that used the squash as a base for dishes. 264 more words