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Everything-I-got-in-the-cabinet Muesli

Our happiest kitchen days occur when cabinet space and organization is achieved. This ever so often phenomena only happens when I stumble upon a messy, clutery, with package-upon-package of oats, nuts and dried berries. 505 more words

Comfort Food

19. Belgium: Shrimp Croquetes, Chicory with Ham and Cheese and Chocolate Mousse

Belgium is not an easy one for me, not food wise Belgium has a lot of great food! I was born and raised in Belgium (in a village near Antwerp) although I am Dutch. 1,110 more words

Around The World Project

Roasted Pepper Caesar Salad with Kohlrabi Croutons

   Caesar Salad. One of the most popular salads out there. Many are done dreadfully, nothing more than a soupy, garlicky mess where the lettuce is reduced to sloppy threads, with mushy, mealy, stale croutons floating like flotsam in the flood. 416 more words

Tuesday Tomato Soup

Even though it is hot as Hades out there right now I still enjoy eating hot tomato soup. Call me crazy. The combo between that and grilled cheese SANDWICHES , brings me back to being a little kid again. 230 more words


Eggs are good--

MMM!  It’s a new place called Egg Shop.  It’s located on Elizabeth Street just south of Kenmare in lower Manhattan, New York City.  It’s full of eggy goodness. 161 more words


Paleo Crunchy Tuna Burgers with Dijon Sauce


Happy Time Flies Tuesday! Today I perfected one of my favorite recipes to date- Tuna Burgers. Crunchy on the outside, these burgers will be sure to win the hearts of everyone! 266 more words

White Chicken Enchiladas from The Pioneer Woman/cooking website

I have a preference for fresh food, instead of canned. There is nothing wrong with using Green Enchilada sauce for this recipe, at all. But you will be missing out on an orgasmic experience with the homemade sauce this recipe offers: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/?s=white+chicken+enchiladas&submit= 205 more words