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Busy Hands

As much as I love crochet, I simply can’t do it in a silent room. It’s so relaxing that it makes me sleepy if I’m not doing anything else. 64 more words


Winter Night

Cold skin and goosebumps.
Glowing core.

A blanket,
snug comfort
Heating limbs.

Numbness is replaced
With tranquility,
Security and warmth.

Shrouded in darkness,
It does not create fear, 32 more words


A tear-streaked evening

Words have been with us since childhood. They have consoled us, motivated us, guided us, cautioned us, right from the time we were children. They were the stepping stones to growing up…evolving. 250 more words


Cream of Broccoli Soup with Poached Egg

Cat litter smells. You know in the Bugs Bunny cartoons, those smell waves you could see wafting towards you from Pepi Le Peux (sp?). That is what is coming at me from behind the sofa. 562 more words


Sagu: traditional Brazilian wine pudding

Yesterday all the snow melted. Today it’s back with a vengeance. Just looking outside makes me shiver, so as a little pick-me-up, sagu pudding seemed like just the thing. 380 more words




┬áIf I’m lucky, our cat Sasha may push back the slightly open door of our bedroom in the early morning, arrive silently at my side of the bed, miaow once to announce her presence, and wait for me to peer over the side at her. 431 more words

Getting Old

What a Difference it Would Make

My friend Teeky in the UK sent this link today. You can read her comment under the Sanctuary Re-post I put up recently. Their 2015 Sanctuary Conference… 28 more words