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Dave's Comp: Vintage Compressor for Some Great Tones

Compression is one of the most under-rated effects of all time. Many people will buy a distortion/overdrive pedal, but miss out on the great tones they can achieve when using a compressor before it in the chain. 202 more words

Pink Floyd

Wall Era Effects Pedal: Dave Gilmour's Distortion Sound on Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'

Introducing the Baroni Lab Wall Era distortion pedal. This stompbox provides a wonderful distortion, deep and rich in harmonics. Modelled after Gilmour’s set-up for Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’, this is a boutique big muff style pedal not to be missed. 151 more words

Pink Floyd

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Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?

Desde que tengo memoria, se ha ido gestando dentro de mí un bichito curioso que desea saberlo y vivirlo todo. 577 more words


The best Croatian rock band you've never heard of.

People often ask me, they ask, “Walt, what is the best Croatian rock band I don’t even know about?

Sometimes I rattle off a couple of names, just to appease them. 215 more words


Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

Yep, I was there for a number of years, and its not a good place to be. I am ‘happier’ with my manic highs and depressive lows.

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I Am Not Who I Seem

Sometimes I’m on top of my game, full of wisdom and good advice.

Other times, like recently, I have nothing of merit to say. I see a lot of blah blah blah floating around. 751 more words

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