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Comfortably numb

Comfortably numb

Developmental Electrophysiology – Yale Child Study center conducting child experimentation

Adam Lanza victim of Illegal drugging with Celexa at Yale Child Study center – a place guilty of the crime of child experimentation In aid of the profits of big Pharma’s mind altering toxic, very deadly, child torturing, Psychosis inducing Drugs. 311 more words

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd Released 'The Wall' 35 Years Ago This Week

There’s always a touch of irony in how a band’s crowning achievement can sometimes ultimately lead to their demise.

Whether it’s the Eagles, the Police, or Van Halen (round one with David Lee Roth) 742 more words


Bad Pun, Good Song #1

(Menjelang malam, di sebuah advertising agency)

Radit: Oi, pengen keluar ‘kan lo? Beliin Green Sands kalengan dong, lima! Pake duit gua tuh yang di meja! 35 more words


Music on Memory

Think about your happiest memory, or even your worst. Can you accompany it with a song? One that you’ve heard before, after or even during an unforgettable event occurred? 433 more words

#MHWW Day 3: Uncomfortably Numb

In colloquial language, “depression” is often equated with “sadness.” Yet the lived experience of depression involves a multitude of feelings far beyond sadness, worse than sadness. 564 more words

Handsome Blogs - Pollin' Thursday

I’ve been reading some awesome blogs lately. Made me think of El Guapo. He was here when I left! Where’d you go man?

Maybe he and TMWGITW (The Most Wonderful Girl in the World) are just cruisin’ Life Avenue with a beer in hand and a lot of laughs. 471 more words


That 'blank' feeling!

I’m sitting here, at 11.11 pm IST, knowing that I must put out something since I have got a rhythm going for posting my blogs and don’t want to slip up and fall off the wagon once again as I did months ago and wondering what the hell to write as I usually have something that I take note of and make it a point to note it down in my mental Evernote and think, “hmmm…I’m gonna write about this today,” and I sit down to write it but today, tonight as I sit down to write, what strikes me first is the amount of spam that I somehow manage to accrue, like grease on a frying pan accumulated after years of frying and oil and fat and what-not and how the folks at WordPress.com can’t really do anything and I start wondering about why are there trolls and what do these bots or people get out of spamming people’s innocuous blog posts with crap that even they wouldn’t understand and what secret deadly mission are they accomplishing by littering my blog space with crap like this and then go on to think about the spam which mostly seems to be for porn sites or pornographic material or stuff of some sort but most of it is gibberish AND most of it seems to be generated from one blog post of mine and how I from there my mind wanders to the ‘lousy clients’ and how I have to somehow manage to keep my head above water as I seem to have expenses spiralling up and income spiralling down and how I seem to have lost my mojo and suddenly I feel desperation bubbling up and I know I have to hang on to my sanity as I wonder what I’d do if I suddenly found out if I had cancer and yes the mind is in a loop and I’m breathless. 77 more words