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Bricks in the Wall Well Worth Checking Out

Bricks in the Wall Well Worth Checking Out.

By Chuck Cox

Special Contributor

It probably won’t come as any surprise to you that I don’t go see many tribute bands. 68 more words


Comfortably Numb

That afternoon, it was just Bucky and I, alone, in our quiet little home. It was silent yet so loud as the walls echoed thoughts that kept surfacing my mind~we would never experience the sound of little feet pitter pattering down the hall. 415 more words


How Pink Floyd Showed Me the Way to Heaven

My dad was always a big fan of Pink Floyd throughout his 25 year span of life. In my teens I was curious to find out why…so I listened…and fell in love with it. 333 more words


e.e. cummings #6 of 7

e.e. cummings

#6 of 7 part series

poetry, art & sound

Post by jkm

Post Saturday 10th January 2015

Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

“ unlove’s the heavenless hell and homeless home… 98 more words


Comfortably Numb

“I might take some more time to get ready, so for you I’ll leave the door open,” the messaged popped on his screen when he was just 2 minutes away from her place. 373 more words


Comfortably numb: Yale child study center

Comfortably numb

Developmental Electrophysiology – Yale Child Study center conducting child experimentation

Adam Lanza victim of Illegal drugging with Celexa at Yale Child Study center – a place guilty of the crime of child experimentation In aid of the profits of big Pharma’s mind altering toxic, very deadly, child torturing, Psychosis inducing Drugs. 311 more words

Adam Lanza