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The 75th Anniversary: Top 15 Batman Films: #10: Batman Forever: What made Two Face lackluster?

Tommy Lee Jones’ Two Face is not a memorable character despite having such an acclaimed and A-list actor associated with the role. People enjoyed him in First Avenger. 257 more words


Sin City a Dame to Kill For (2014)

Unlike the original Sin City which was a legitimate film with characters who develop and a story arch, this film was just an excuse to show mindless violence as naked women. 137 more words


Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

I’m pretty sure this is the first box office record smashing film that had a music rights budget higher than its special effects budget.

I remember being entertained by this movie. 97 more words


The 75th Anniversary: Top 15 Batman Films: #12: The Dark Knight Rises' Characters and Ending

I’ll reiterate with the Dark Knight Rises though; there are a lot of plot holes. One that I think is somewhat fixed is how the League of Shadows are able to infiltrate anything, allowing the fact that they were able to find the Batcaves and even Lucius Fox’s place undetected possible. 426 more words


The 75th Anniversary: Top 15 Batman Films: #13 Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

I really liked this film.

Although it had dark elements to it, it didn’t really feel super dark. It didn’t feel campy either (prior to seeing Composite Superman-Batman giant robot! 248 more words


Art Blah Blah Blahsel

It was that time of year again, last weekend, when thousands of people showed up in Miami to experience Art Basel. I’m not a fan of the event. 226 more words