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San Diego Comic Con, Here I Come

Well, it’s finally happening for me.  I’m gong to San Diego for Comic Con, the biggest comic con in the nation. It’s was difficult for me to get my hands on some passes but I was able to get one.   76 more words


Comic Review: Lewis Manalo's The Metamorphosis Part 3

Lewis Manalo demonstrates a great understanding of Kafka through his work, Metamorphosis.

His Grete is quite beautiful in this issue, having thin model-like features. We see her have sex, not care for her education on July 4th, signaling the downward spiral of selfish unjustified importance vs family in contemporary America. 181 more words

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Comic Review: Sam Webster's Arcadia is like a video game web series

This is an absolute find. Thanks a lot to comixology for allowing me to review the episode. Thanks to Aub Driver for putting it on top of the comics to review for this week. 195 more words

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The Comic Book Journey LXXIII

“Who wants to read my stuff?”

Pt. 73 – “Tell me what ya’ think”

After finalizing the book, selling some issues at cons and online, my final goal is to tell everyone about it. 410 more words

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REVIEW: Original Sin #6

Despite the short series Original Sin moving slower than the show Lost, issue 6 is finally getting somewhere. Not too far, but somewhere, despite the incredibly misleading cover. 360 more words


My First Ever Comic Book

Hello it’s been awhile. Yes, I’ve disappeared for quite some time, but with good reason! I found a full time job at a furniture store, which takes up most of my time, and I completed an 11 page comic for the Sacanime Manga Contest 2014. 190 more words

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The Comic Book Journey LXXII

Pt. 72 – “Another Press Release”

I wrote in the past about press releases. You can read about it HERE.

After you’ve written one, and it doesn’t contain spelling errors, the main question is who to send it to? 281 more words

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