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"If you don't have anything nice to say, and you're a girl ..."

The absolute best part of Brett Booth’s recent tantrum was his invoking of the Bambi Rule. According to Booth, if you write an article criticizing a piece of commercial art on artistic, moral, and commercial grounds, you have to say some nice things too. 121 more words

Twenty-first Century

How Not to Behave Like an Artistic Professional Online

by Jules Rivera

I like writing articles that teach. I like sharing lessons and personal experiences that hopefully can save someone else the time it took me to learn certain things the hard way. 1,057 more words


Gambit Was There! Amazing X-Men #6

A couple of weeks ago, I asked in CBR’s “Axel-in-Charge” Q&A forum if we’d see Gambit popping up anywhere else in the Marvel U:


We need to Destroy the Insulation of Comic Book Culture

Last Friday, former DC editor (and current member of the comics media) Janelle Asselin wrote a guest column at Comic Books Resources titled Anatomy of a Bad Cover: … 864 more words


Geek Art: Muppet Superhero Mash-Ups

Iron Muppets by Derek Langille:

Gonzo and Beeker as Deadpool and Hydra Bob by Fernando Pinto:

Statler and Waldorf as Golden Age Flash and Green Lantern by… 46 more words

Geek Art


From CBR:

Peter David’s “All-New X-Factor” has the unique distinction of housing the only corporate-sponsored mutant team in the Marvel Universe — but it’s been rough going for the six core members of Serval Industries’ X-Factor squad.

1,784 more words

Nerd Room of Doom

Oh, and I forgot one of the best things that happened on this unplanned hiatus!  My office was featured on Comic Book Resources in their weekly column, Shelf Porn.  37 more words